In Search of Meaningful Work: 3 Characteristics of Employees Who Have Found It [WEBINAR]

The term “meaningful work” yields more than six million Google results. Acclaimed author Malcolm Gladwell started talking about meaningful work more than 10 years ago, and today we’re still finding countless books, articles, podcasts and posts on the topic.

So, what does “meaningful work” mean? Why is it important? And how do you achieve it?

We’re diving into all of this and more in our upcoming webinar next week, happening Thursday, August 2. (Register now to join us or to have the recording delivered right to your inbox.)

In the meantime, here are three factors that drive meaningful work.

1. Employees know their organizations’ missions and values.
Our study found that 95% of employees who found their work to be very meaningful reported having a good understanding of their companies’ missions and values. This makes sense – as they say, knowledge is power. Employees who operate in a silo often feel disconnected, unempowered and disengaged from the larger organization.

2. Managers have strong relationships with their employees.
We found that 73% of employees who had a good relationship with their boss outside of the office found their work very meaningful. The lines between work and personal life have become blurred. Mobile phones and remote work options mean there’s no longer an “off” switch. We’re accessible for personal reasons during our typical work day and business purposes after hours. As a result, strong personal relationships have a bigger affect on our professional ones – and our ability to find meaning.

3. Employees believe their daily work contributes to the greater good.
Not surprisingly, we found in our study that smaller companies were better able to foster meaning for their employees at work through them feeling like they contribute to the company in deeper ways. Often times it’s easier for employees at smaller companies to feel like true members of the team and form close relationships with co-workers more easily. Larger organizations can use real-time feedback, frequent goal setting and social recognition to help bridge that gap and empower employees and highlight the contributions they make in the company’s for meaningful work

Next week’s webinar will share even more compelling statistics and important insights about what it takes for the modern employee to find meaning in the workplace, and a how-to for catering your engagement strategies to today’s workforce trends. Don’t forget to register!

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