Get Your Office Involved: Holiday Giving + New Year Incentives

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Looking for inspiration on how to make the Kazoo platform a holiday hit? Whether you’re interested in holiday rewards for employees or simply want to encourage giving, we’ve put together a list of our favorite ideas for employees, teams, and managers as we head into 2019.

How we do things at Kazoo

Maybe your organization already has an existing charity you work with this time of year, or perhaps you’re looking for the perfect one to partner with for the first time.

Using our Survey tool, you can set-up a custom question polling employees on what charity they’re hoping your company donates to this December.

Here at Kazoo, we’re able to earn points through Behavior Bonuses when we donate any item during the month of December.

Furthermore, our team works with Toys for Tots by donating toys and contributing points directly from the platform. Once points are submitted, our admin takes the dollar value from the points collected and purchases toys to be donated.

Growing Your Rewards Catalog

Speaking of charities, this might be a good time to add more giving options within your rewards catalog. Kazoo has some great choices directly within our store, or you can simply incentivize your employees to donate points with a Give Back Bonus.

Need help expanding your catalog? Access you options but going to Admin > Catalogs > Rewards Catalogs. Select “Add From Store”, Filter by Reward Type, and choose Charity.

If you don’t see a Charity from our store you’re hoping to add, have no fear! This is where Custom Experiences are your friend. Add in a Point Pooled reward that allows your employees to donate one of two ways: By a goal amount or by a certain date.

Some of our favorite charity ideas are:

  • Contribute to the Make-a-Wish Foundation
  • Sponsor a family in need
  • Donate to a local Food Bank

New Year Ideas and Inspiration

With 2019 fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about January initiatives.

Whether you want to encourage your employees to adopt healthy behaviors or maintain their New Year Resolutions, there are things you can easily incorporate into Kazoo through behavior bonuses and themed rewards.

New Year’s Reward Ideas

  • Physical wellness: Fitbit, Apple Watch, exercise classes, gym membership
  • Personal growth: Learning and Development classes, journals, bookstore gift card

New Year’s Behavior Bonus Ideas

  • Physical and mental wellness: 30 minute workout, meditation, joining a company sports team
  • Personal growth: Keeping your New Year’s resolution, taking financial literacy classes, learning a new skill, reading a book
  • Giving back: volunteering over the weekend, donating to charity, mentoring a child