16 Reward Ideas That Serve the Hospitality Industry

In a recent interview, NPR asked the director of Restaurant Opportunities Centers United what the biggest problems facing restaurant workers were. Her answer? Wages and benefits.

With the hospitality industry’s minimum wage debate getting attention lately, is anyone talking about the benefits side? It’s a fascinating part of the equation for us—not just because Kazoo helps companies with their employee rewards programs, but because we see customers in the hospitality industry using rewards and benefits to tackle tough HR issues all the time.

Inspired by our customers and industry insights, we put together our latest piece: 16 Reward Ideas That Serve the Hospitality Industry.

Kazoo - 16 hospitality industry rewards
If your company employs shift workers, you’ll want to give it a look. These ideas address some of the biggest (yet straightforward) asks of hospitality employees, including:

  • On-the-job rewards to make shifts more enjoyable
  • Quality of life perks to help with the inconsistencies of shift work
  • Education-related rewards (with examples) that can help instill company loyalty

From waiters to cleaning crews to barbacks, employees in the hospitality industry do so much for us every day. Isn’t it time we turn the tables and return the favor?

By adding these ideas to your employee reward program, you can create just the shift you need.

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