Quick Tips for Creating Your Employee Experience Business Case

Today, the evidence can’t be denied — the more you invest in a better employee experience, the greater impact you will see on your company’s bottom line.

The Kazoo team recently did a research analysis of exactly how employee experience impacts the bottom line. You can find all of our findings in The Employee Experience Quantified.

However, many executives still underestimate the business impact of the employee experience, meaning your company’s programs and engagement efforts often lack support.

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After surveying more than 900 full-time employees and C-level executives for The Employee Experience Quantified, it’s obvious what’s creating the disconnect between employees and executives: the lack of a clear business case.

That’s why we’ve pulled from the findings in The Employee Experience Quantified to publish Quick Tips for Building Your Employee Experience Business Case:

Quick Tips for Building Your Employee Experience Business Case - Kazoo

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  • Six KPIs executives care about that are directly impacted by the employee experience
  • Five quick tips for building your employee experience business case to executives
  • New stats and survey results from Kazoo on the employee experience

Armed with these quick tips and a clear employee experience business case, your organization will be well on its way to getting executives on board with these programs and reaping benefits for employees and the bottom line alike moving forward.

About Kazoo:

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