Progress and Partnership: Joining Forces to Lead the Market

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**This news is prior to the combined company’s rebrand to Kazoo in April 2019.**


A little over 5 ½ years ago, my cofounder, Kenny Tomlin, and I set out to develop an employee-first solution that would deliver a more powerful employee experience while transforming bottom-line business results for companies everywhere

Our focus on empowering companies to build high-performance cultures and engaged workforces has driven us to transform our product platform to a holistic employee productivity, engagement, and performance management solution. And the most important component: the focus on the employee first and last.

From the start, YouEarnedIt has been committed to the vision of giving employees what they deserve when it comes to a better employee experience – and to serving companies as they seek better business performances. This past April, we chose to partner with Vista Equity Partners as they saw the vision and expressed a commitment to supporting us to achieve it, better, smarter, and faster.

Today, I’m happy to announce the next stage of that growth: YouEarnedIt is joining forces with HighGround, a leading real-time performance management and engagement provider, to revolutionize the Human Capital Management industry.

By pairing HighGround’s approach to performance management, and the innovations that we collectively bring in real-time recognition and feedback, engagement measurement, and employee-driven rewards, we are now able to serve our customers’ needs better, ensuring they have one partner to turn to as they seek to enhance their employee experience and build high-performing, engaged teams.

I’ve admired HighGround for a long time, watching as they evolved over the years and became a leader in real-time performance management and engagement, and am honored to announce this partnership today. Collectively, our complementary solutions now serve the human capital management needs of today’s changing workforce.

By uniting our two brands, we will have expanded resources to accelerate our combined product roadmap to deliver innovative solutions to our customers and the market at large.

Together, YouEarnedIt and HighGround will continue our shared commitment to lead the market so that finally companies can transform the employee experience in a way that transforms business for the better.

– Autumn Manning

Co-founder and former CEO, Kazoo