How One Company is Creating a Feedback Culture

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We recently sat down with Craig Wigley, VP of Employee Success, for LLamasoft, a supply chain software company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He talked about LLamasoft’s values, the problems with its previous approach to performance management and how they’re now working to create a culture where ongoing feedback is the norm. Take a look at some of our conversation with Craig:

Helping Employees Reach Potential

With 410 employees around the world, including 250 in the United States alone, LLamasoft needed a flexible way to share company values and manage employee performance. Every employee brings a unique set of skills to the organization and can maximize those through ongoing feedback, coaching and goal-setting. Craig says they’re using Kazoo to help employees realize their potential and embrace “diversity of thought.”

Creating a Feedback Culture

LLamasoft prides itself on being a company full of people who are nice and who actually get along. So when it came to giving critical feedback to one another, employees struggled. Craig knew the company needed a way for employees to give constructive feedback so they were pushing each other to be innovative instead of defensive. LLamasoft chose Kazoo as its tool for employee feedback, goal-setting and recognition.

The Transition from Annual to Agile Performance Management

The processes LLamasoft used for performance management were anything but leading-edge. In fact, its annual approach had actually become problematic. Many times, “recency bias” affected these conversations and did little to actually improve employee performance. Craig talks about making the transition to a monthly coaching cadence. He says, “Employees deserve better” so they’re using the Kazoo platform to facilitate a more ongoing approach to performance and development.

Innovation, Feedback and Recognition

LLamasoft has a unique perspective on HR: it views humans as more than resources. So when the company decided to implement Kazoo, its leadership team knew it needed to communicate and demonstrate the change clearly. Craig talks briefly about change management, the importance of employee recognition, what role innovation plays in their company culture and how managers can use Kazoo’s tool to help reinforce company values.