Kazoo Makes Enhancements to Insights & Reporting

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Ready for an update? Here’s a new tool for your performance management belt: Our hardworking Product team has expanded the Insights & Reporting capabilities of our Continuous Performance Management platform. We also added two new features: Sync-Up and Calendar Invitations.

What does this mean for your performance management?

This update puts actionable data in your hands to empower you, the HR leader, with what you need to be a strategic business partner. The overhauled Insights & Reporting feature grants you better visibility into your Continuous Performance Management process. This enables you to manage review cycles, identify areas for improvement, and drive greater efficiencies throughout your organization.

In addition to actionable data, the updated feature includes interactive dashboards, presentation-ready reports, alerts, and report scheduling. This drives informed decision-making, while giving administrators the ability to showcase the impact of their performance management program.  

Meet Sync-Up and Calendar Invitations

As organizations continue to evolve, the need to improve alignment between employees, managers, and cross-functional teams is more important than ever. We developed Sync-Up — an ad-hoc conversation tool — to enable off-cycle discussions between two or more people, including employees and managers, employees and dotted line managers, peers, cross-functional teams, and project groups.

The need to streamline the check-in and sync-up processes is vital for organizations as they grow. Kazoo’s Calendar Invitation feature makes development-focused conversations more accessible by letting users create a calendar invite for popular calendar platforms like Outlook, Google Calendar, or iCal directly from the Kazoo platform.

Ready to add a new tool to your performance management belt? Learn what Kazoo can do for you.

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