A Look Inside Josh Bersin’s Predictions for 2019

Have you downloaded Josh Bersin’s latest report yet, Talent, Technology, and HR Predictions for 2019?

While many businesses may have similar accounting or legal processes, their people processes are just as unique as their workforces themselves. Each year, HR leaders turn to industry analysts and experts for their take on what’s new and transformative in the world of HR technology.

At the top of that list of experts is often Josh Bersin. His newest report doesn’t disappoint, providing some serious food for thought on where HR leaders should zoom in this year. Bersin covers quite a bit of ground, but we wanted to call out some interesting stats and ideas on performance management and the employee experience.

96% of companies are still performing annual reviews.

Yes, you read that correctly. And worse, everyone still hates them. In order for annual reviews to be valuable, companies need to do two things:

1. Add in continuous feedback, regular coaching, and agile goal setting. Annual performance reviews aren’t bad, they just aren’t enough. By focusing on development and employee relationships every day, the annual review gets a chance to be so much more.

2. Change the behavior of managers. Implementing a technology platform is important, but so is changing your management culture. For technology to be effective, managers must have a coaching mentality, be able to give and receive feedback, and drive a team culture where development is built into their everyday lives.


The employee experience matters – big time.

So much so that it comes in at #3 in his 10 quick predictions for the year. The first step in creating a great employee experience is getting company leadership on board with what it actually means. We like Bersin’s definition from the report: “To me, employee experience means understanding what your employees need and treating them with the same care and importance you apply to customers.”

The way to treat employees like customers? Collect and understand your workforce data, with the same gusto as you do your customer data. Uncovering the trends and anomalies can help you understand where to focus your HR efforts. Are you losing employees too quickly? Are employees in certain departments or teams consistently falling short of achieving their goals? Tracking things like performance conversations and goal achievement can help paint a clearer picture of organizational health.

There’s so much more to unpack in this latest Bersin report. It’s definitely not a resource to be missed.

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