3 Important Trends from the Latest Global Employee Engagement Report

The Aon 2018 Global Employee Engagement Trends report was just published, and if you are an HR professional or company executive looking for fresh, fascinating insights on employee engagement, look no further.

From its impressive data set — over eight million employee responses were considered — many high-level trends in employee engagement were found. If your company is trying to create a blueprint for effective employee engagement, three trends from the report are especially important.

1. Employee engagement has increased worldwide

After measuring a dip in global employee engagement last year, this year’s report found engagement either stayed flat or increased multiple percentage points in every region studied.
For some organizations, this is great news — their efforts to invest in what really drives employee engagement are paying off.

For others, it’s a reason to be wary. If you are not investing in the employee experience, others are, and for top talent, the grass may be looking greener than ever elsewhere.

2. Rewards and recognition top the list of engagement drivers

Topping factors such as senior leadership or career opportunities, rewards and recognition were determined to be the strongest drivers of employee engagement.

For the second year in a row the Rewards & Recognition dimension is the strongest driver of engagement.
— 2018 Global Employee Engagement Trends report

Does this indicate companies can simply throw money at the problem? No. The report specifically calls out recognition beyond pay and benefits here.

If your organization is not redefining recognition in terms of people instead of perks, it’s time to start.

Money did make an appearance in the report, however, which brings us to the third important finding to pay attention to…

3. Employee pay is no longer a top-five engagement driver

The evidence cannot be denied — when it comes to employee engagement drivers, cash isn’t king.

“Fair pay,” once the main factor behind the rewards and recognition driver in past reports, now only plays a supporting role in this year’s data.

Finding ways to create meaningful recognition for employees’ contributions will have a major impact on employee engagement. Before you raise the number of gift cards and spot bonuses handed out, raise your expectations for what employee rewards and recognition can be at your company.

Employee engagement can be an organization’s great differentiator in times of stability or in times of rapid change. When you have a Culture of Engagement, your competitors had better take notice.
— 2018 Global Employee Engagement Trends report

For an in-depth look at the employee engagement stats and trends discovered by Aon, view the full report here.

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