2019 HR Strategies That Matter Most [GUIDE]

1 min read

It’s a new year, and everywhere you turn a new expert is declaring the best ways to move your HR program forward in 2019.

There’s definitely something to gain from each of them. After all, thought leaders like Bersin by Deloitte, Forrester and others have a unique bird’s eye view of how best-in-class businesses operate. Their analysts spend countless hours with successful CHROs and other top HR leaders learning about their performance management practices, and then share those details with their members.

While valuable, it can be overwhelming to make sense of it all.

We get it. And we’re here with a better way to take it all in (and save you some time). We’ve read all the articles and blog posts. We’ve downloaded all the research reports, webinars and presentations. We’ve seen the stats deciphered the graphs and summed up the findings in our newest guide, 5 Best Practices for Engaging Employees in 2019.

What we uncovered is five best practices that can’t be ignored this year. Not trends or strategies or tactics, but best practices. And they’ve earned this distinction because they are proven to make a big impact on your employee’s performance, development and happiness at work. This year – right now – when it matters most.

Inside our guide we share not only each of the five best practices, but how to take advantage of them in your own organization. We’ve done this because we understand that knowing what to do is half the battle.

For example, it’s great to know that learning and development programs need to be more strategic, and what organizations gain from making changes. But how should you adjust your own program? Is it the format that isn’t working, or is it what you’re teaching employees? We answer that and more.

Download our newest guide today to learn about the five best practices that can make a difference in your organization in 2019.