How to Make Work Fun with Kazoo

Have you ever had an experience or moment that stuck with you, to this day? It could be anything from a magical trip to a Disney resort, or a surprise birthday party. Now, imagine if you could recreate a moment like this on the spot and instantly make your day better, particularly at work. “The Power of Moments” teaches you how to make these moments happen to make work more fun – and more meaningful.

What is “The Power of Moments”?

Written by brothers Chip and Dan Heath, The Power of Moments: Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact explores the idea of why some experiences are more memorable than others, regardless of how positive or negative they are. It also offers a framework for creating more of these moments in our day-to-day lives, instead of waiting for them to occur naturally.

The book lists four elements that contribute to memorable experiences: elevation, insight, pride, and connection.

Chip explains the four elements as follows (via Forbes):

  • Moments of elevation lift us above the every day, inspiring emotions such as joy, delight, and a deep sense of engagement.
  • Moments of insight rewire our understanding of ourselves or our world. These are the epiphanies, realizations, and “aha!” moments.
  • Moments of pride capture us at our best, achieving things we weren’t sure were possible or being recognized by other people for our work or our talents.
  • Moments of connection deepen our ties to other people, sometimes in personal relationships and sometimes in groups that bond by virtue of struggling together toward a common goal.

How Your Company Makes Work Fun with Kazoo

1. Befriend Your Co-workers with Customized Behavior Bonuses We all have co-workers we don’t know well because we work in different departments. They’re the people you awkwardly nod at in the break room when you go in for your third cup of coffee. Wouldn’t it be nice to branch out of your department and get to know them?

A Behavior Bonus encourages you to do just that. A Behavior Bonus is an action your company chooses to incentivize with points on the Kazoo platform. Companies can award a different number of points to each Behavior Bonus depending on how impactful they determine it is.

For example, one of our Behavior Bonuses at Kazoo is to go to lunch with someone from another department, in exchange for five points. You can also earn more points if you both walk to lunch!

Behavior Bonuses help your company create moments of connection that reflect your core values, like teamwork, in a tangible way. Companies that have multiple offices, or are physically fragmented, use Behavior Bonuses to help unify their teams into one organization. It’s an easy way for your company to enhance company culture because Behavior Bonuses are specific to your employees and what they value.

Shadow a Coworker Behavior Bonus


2. Offer Meaningful Rewards Rewards are a terrific way to boost employee morale because people look forward to them. And sometimes an experience-based reward can mean a lot more to an employee than an Amazon gift card (though we like Amazon gift cards, too).

That’s why we make it easy to customize your rewards on our platform. Experience-based rewards elevate an average day by creating joy at work. At our Kazoo office in Austin, for instance, our Account Manager Team Lead, Stuart, will clean a co-worker’s desk for only 500 points (he’s a neat freak, FYI).

Plus, it feels good to be a part of an inside joke at work. It makes people feel special and included, which creates a moment of connection between co-workers.

Coffee from the Boss Reward Elizabeth Returns a Package


3. Surprise a Co-worker with a “Point Bomb” For times when a basic recognition post isn’t enough, that’s where a “point bomb” comes in. A point bomb is a term we coined here at Kazoo, and it’s when we get a group of people to send one person recognition, but at the same time.

It’s like 20 people getting together and throwing a lot of joyful confetti on someone who deserves it, but with points. (Confetti is always fun!)


A point bomb highlights a moment of pride – you’re taking the time to recognize someone and make them feel special.


4. Use our Insights Feature for an “Aha!” Moment What better way to strike a moment of insight than with our Insights feature? Kazoo offers analytics on numerous factors, from the total number of recognitions sent in your company to the top core values being rewarded. This data can help you learn how to create a more positive experience at work for employees, by analyzing what gets them engaged and what doesn’t. Who says data can’t be fun?

We also offer an added survey feature for organizations who want to give their employees more of a voice in the company.


Are you Ready to Have Fun at Work?

These are just a few examples of how Kazoo can make any workday special. Are you ready to learn more about the Kazoo experience? Fill out a demo request today to get started!