Kazoo’s Top 5 Must-Read Blog Posts of 2018

The world of HR moves fast. While workforce trends come and go, it doesn’t change the fact that today’s highly competitive business environment means that employee performance is more important than ever. HR leaders must do everything in their power to create environments where employees can thrive and perform at high levels.

That’s where Kazoo comes in. Through our blog, we strive to make sense of industry news and trends, tackle the biggest challenges faced by our customers and offer best practices to keep your performance management program fresh.

We ran the numbers, and today we’re sharing our five most-read posts of 2018, ranging from very strategic, high level topics to more straightforward how-to’s.

5.  Performance Management System False Positives: 3 Ways Your Data Could Be Lying

In a dynamic business environment, it can be easy to track the wrong metrics for your specific program objectives – or interpret the results the wrong way. In this post we take a look at three common goals of a performance management system, and how the numbers you use to measure success against those goals might actually be lying to you.

 4. Four Ways to Manage Your Employee Experience Like Customers

When it comes to customers, happy = loyal. HR leaders are betting that employees feel the same way. This post shares how to translate four customer experience tactics into strategies that will increase employee happiness – and retention.

 3. Change Management Must-Haves: 15 Ways to Start Your New HR Program on the Right Foot

The implementation process of a new performance management program is just as important as the new system or tool itself. In this post we zero in on the three most critical components to change management – communication, marketing and training – and 15 ways our customers have knocked it out of the park.

2.  Real-Time Feedback Works – And 9 Stats to Prove It

In this post we tackle the way real-time feedback helps organizations address three big trends disrupting performance management. Nine stats help prove that feedback can be a master multi-tasker in helping HR leaders address multiple trends at once.

1.  Five Ways Your Company’s Core Values Impact Employee Success

The common denominator of successful performance management programs is a close connection to the business’s core values. This blog post shares five core value statements, and dives into how they influence key performance management components.