13 Harry Potter Gifs for Every HR Situation

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Let’s be real, sometimes holding down the Human Resources department of a business can feel less than magical. Office disputes, payroll issues, and logistical nightmares come with the territory – and sometimes all you can do is laugh.

For those moments where you wish you could disapparate from the chaos, we’ve put together a collection of Harry Potter gifs that will get you through every HR debacle with a smile on your face.

1. When your team completes open enrollment by the deadline.


2. When your newest hire asks for a 30% pay increase.


3. When your Indeed posting actually generates quality candidates.


4. When you’re asked to book flights for your executive team two days before a conference.


5. When your therapist asks how work is going.


6. When you have to facilitate annual reviews.


7. The pep talk you give yourself before an exit interview with the office hothead.


8. When everything you warned your CEO about unfolds right before their eyes.


9. When you have to remain a neutral third party during an office dispute.


10. When your team complains about the offbrand fizzy water in the shared fridge.


11. When you’re ineligible for “Employee of the Month” because you’re responsible for updating the award plaque.


12. When you’re forced to attend a “working lunch.”


13. When half your company contests their remaining vacation days on December 1st.