Getting Started with Meaningful Employee Rewards

Employee Experience 2 min read

While the Kazoo platform is primarily powered by the recognition employees send to each other, employee rewards are an important part of the mix. Meaningful rewards that resonate with employees amplify the power of recognition and boost company culture.

Our powerful rewards engine is one reason 100% of our customers see an increase in employee engagement – along with improvements in rewards spending, turnover, and growth in program participation. Kazoo customers see ROI including: as much as 30% reduction in reward spending; as much as 50% decrease in turnover; up to 50% growth in corporate program participation; and an average payback period of 5 months.

Our platform supports a wide variety of employee rewards to enhance whatever motivates your particular employee base: charitable giving, group rewards, experiences, custom swag, professional development, and more.

Meaningful Employee Rewards


Giving employees the chance to give back at work builds engagement. Amplify your community giving efforts by offering employees the opportunity to use their points to donate to the nonprofit of their choice. We offer several donations to national non-profits in our catalog, or you can create custom employee rewards for a local organization of your choice.

Meaningful Employee Rewards

Power Tip: Build engagement by switching out donation options from time to time. Respond to natural disasters by offering donations to first-responders. Let employees donate points to adopt a family during the holidays.

Point-Pooled Rewards

Point pooling gives employees the chance to work together for the rewards that matter to the whole office or just one team. And it’s a way to go in for bigger donations, or buy more expensive perks for the office.

Meaningful Employee Rewards

Power Tip: Point pooling helps build office culture – and helps you gauge what matters most to your employees.

Rewards Catalog

Our rewards fulfillment catalog offers more than 30,000 unique products and gift cards that you can offer your employees. These rewards have global fulfillment – so when your employees redeem a reward from the Kazoo catalog, it’s automatically sent wherever the employee is located – with no extra effort by you.

Some of our most requested rewards with automatic fulfillment include Amazon Gift Cards, Target Gift Cards, a Herringbone Luxe Duffel and a Blu-Ray Home Theater System.

Power tip: To keep rewards meaningful, offer a variety of gift cards, rewards and experiences.

Targeted Experiences

Our platform gives you a way to offer experiences that are unique to your culture, and many cost you nothing. Whether it’s teambuilding, professional development, or pure fun, meaningful custom experiences can help move your business forward.

Meaningful Employee Rewards

Power tip: Two popular custom experiences are trading redemption points to get more giving points and getting one-on-one time with senior management.

Custom Swag

Create rewards that you fulfill in-house out of company-branded merchandise left over from a tradeshow or kickoff meeting. Or, our custom swag vendor can provide branded item fulfillment for you. Either way, it’s easy to offer employees a variety of custom-branded items.

Power tip: Choosing to spend rewards points on company swag makes the merchandise more meaningful for your employees.