Five Feedback Winners: Companies Embracing a Feedback Culture

Employee Experience 1 min read

While each company is unique, there are benefits to a feedback culture almost across the board. Here’s five companies that are getting it right.


With 400+ employees across multiple offices in the US and abroad, LLamasoft employees struggled to step outside their comfort zones and challenge each other with critical feedback. They credit Kazoo’s platform with helping them get comfortable with the feedback process to ultimately improve their performance.

Lieberman Research Worldwide

LRW uses Kazoo to offer its employees an alternative to traditional performance management processes, where a single annual conversation serves as a history report of performance. What’s most important to them is creating in-the-moment opportunities for its employees to give and receive feedback. Those conversations happen and arm employees with useful feedback every day.


After using Kazoo for the past few years, Patagonia has continued to see adoption of its program grow. The HR team’s goal now is to improve the feedback employees are given. To drive higher quality conversations, the team is surveying employees to determine where the best conversations are happening and using the platform’s analytics to uncover the anatomy of the best feedback.


Virtuoso’s goal was to use feedback as a way to better connect its employees to managers and peers, and the company did so by using technology to support those human connections. Kazoo helps them create a domino effect of engaged employees > happy employees > high-performing employees > happy customers.

Waypoint Homes

Paper reviews were creating more problems than they were solving for Waypoint Homes’ employees, so the company decided to take a new approach: continuous feedback. Frequent conversations allow employees to understand what’s expected of them at all times, and by updating goals and expectations regularly they’re able to keep it fresh.