Five Best Practices for an Engaged Workforce in 2018

It’s the end of November. Open Enrollment is coming to its close. The end of the calendar year is approaching. Just when you – and many of your HR counterparts – start to have a little bit of breathing space to review or create your HR best practices, goals, and strategies for the next year, the 2018 HR trends reports start to emerge.

Sometimes, the sheer volume of trend reports can get overwhelming. Even as they reveal important research and high-level directions – it is often hard to find the time or resources to translate them into day-to-day actions will make your company more successful.

Best Practices for an engaged workforce

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At Kazoo, we decided to make your job easier. We’ve taken our approach to the HR trends report a step further. We dug into the research and identified five key HR trends that are shifting the landscape of work. And then, we developed best practices with clear, actionable steps you can use to take advantage of these trends.

Our report, Five Best Practices for an Engaged Workforce in 2018, offers clear strategies for getting the most out of:

  • Continuous Learning
  • The Employee Experience
  • Gaining Insights from Machine Learning
  • Performance Management
  • The Competitive Talent Market

Work culture is changing. Trends in recruiting, performance management, and employee engagement are evolving with it. Finding success in this environment doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Taking a proactive approach and adopting these five best practices will position your company to profit from the advantages of an engaged workforce in 2018.

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