Employee Retention Tips for Winning the War for Talent

Looking for employee recruitment and employee retention tips?

You’re not alone. Today’s tight talent market is causing employers to vie for skilled workers.

Research shows that nearly 1 in 4 employees will switch jobs in 2018 and 45% of employers are having trouble finding employees with the skills they need for their open jobs.

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This is creating a true war for talent. Recruiters are regularly contacting your talented employees with new opportunities. Employee retention and recruitment strategies have never been more crucial to business success. Effective employee recruitment tips have never been more needed.

How do you retain your top talent? Invest in a culture that makes employees want to stay.

A Culture of Employee Retention

What kind of culture boosts employee retention?

Our guide – Recruit, Retain, Reward – Winning the War for Talent includes research of more than 850 employees. Respondents said that the four pillars of the Employee Experience –– meaning (71%), connection (66%), impact (67%) and appreciation (74%) –– affected how long they would stay in a job.

Appreciation and connection are particularly important. Over one-third of these employees left jobs because they didn’t feel appreciated or connected with their team or manager. Additionally, more than half of employees stated that they had left jobs because they didn’t see an opportunity for growth.

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Employee Retention Tips

So, how exactly do you build these pillars into a culture of retention? Focus on a high-quality employee experience rich in growth opportunities.

Here are tips for doing just that:

  • Train managers to have regular one-on-ones where they help employees set goals and review progress so employees can see their ongoing growth and accomplishments.
  • Reward employees for organic, on-the-job learning and growth. Give them opportunities to build their skillset.
  • Invest in employee-designed, team-building activities.
  • Create and communicate a clear set of corporate values.
  • Use an employee experience platform to create a culture rich in the four pillars of the employee experience.

To get more ideas for recruiting employees or using rewards to build a positive employee experience, get our new guide, Recruit, Retain, Reward: Winning the War for Talent.

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