Employee Satisfaction: Using Surveys Effectively

employee satisfactionMany companies today conduct employee satisfaction or employee engagement surveys. Some do an annual or bi-annual survey. Others do regular spot surveys.

Frequently, companies learn that their employee satisfaction rating isn’t as high as they’d like it to be. But they might not know what to do to improve it. Here are four best practices to get meaningful information from employee satisfaction surveys and boost employee engagement in the process.

Act on the Feedback from Employee Satisfaction Surveys

The first key to using surveys to boost employee engagement is to let employees know that you are taking actions based on their feedback. After all, if an employee is going to take the time to give you feedback in a survey, they want to know that it matters.

Taking the time to make an action plan and share it with employees shows them that they do have an impact on company direction and that their ideas matter. That alone is enough to improve their employee experience.

Set a Regular Cadence for Surveys

Many companies have started using spot surveys to do a quick check on employee satisfaction or poll employees to get feedback on bigger decisions. If surveys come in too often, it’s very easy for employees to get “survey fatigue.”

Instead, set a regular time to send out surveys so employees know what to expect and how long they will be expected to spend on a survey. This single step can boost participation in employee satisfaction surveys.

Use an Net Promoter Score

It’s hard to fix what you can’t measure. Many businesses collect net promoter scores (NPS) from their customers to measure how well they’re doing on customer satisfaction. This is a rating showing how many of their customers would recommend or refer them to someone else. Similarly, you can get a concrete rating of employee satisfaction by asking your employees if they would recommend that friends or colleagues work at your company.

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Offer a Spot Bonus for Taking the Survey

As an incentive to get employees to take an employee satisfaction survey, try offering a spot bonus for taking it. Baker Victory Services used this tactic and improved survey participation dramatically.

Employee engagement is a substantial benefit for companies today. Engaged, satisfied employees offer better customer service, stay at their jobs longer, and perform better. Using surveys well is one tool towards increased employee engagement.

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