An Employee Recognition Program that Boosts a Sense of Meaning

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Survey after survey shows: employees (particularly millenials and Gen Z) want meaning in their jobs. It’s a key pillar of an employee experience that encourages employee engagement. A high-quality employee recognition program can be a key tool to building day-to-day meaning.

How do we know that meaning matters? Our research in the Employee Experience Quantified shows that when employees have a sense of meaning, they are more likely to stay longer in their jobs, work harder, deliver a better customer experience, be more innovative — and generally deliver on key performance indicators.

But we aren’t alone — a 2016 Cone Communications study showed that 64% of millennials consider a company’s social and environmental commitments when they decide where to work.

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Building Meaning Into Your Employee Recognition Program

Here are 5 tips for using an employee recognition program or employee recognition software to build meaning into your company’s day-to-day experience.

  1. Make real-time, peer-to-peer recognition a part of your employee recognition program. The simple act of telling a coworker that they did something well empowers employees in their jobs. They get a sense of contributing to the company’s overall purpose by stating what mattered. On top of that, being able to give recognition to others is a chance to give back in small ways every day.
  2. Recognize the day-to-day, not just big efforts. Making recognition part of the daily activity of your company helps employees see that their everyday work has meaning — not just the big heroic efforts.
  3. Include company core values in your employee recognition program. Social responsibility starts on the inside of a company. Living by a set of core values shows a basic level of corporate citizenship. Having daily recognition tied to core values both shows the meaning of the action that’s getting recognized and reinforces core values. An added bonus? Core values make your employee recognition program more effective. A SHRM study showed that 67% of companies that do values-based recognition see that their employee recognition program helps them meet financial goals, vs. only 41% who didn’t.
  4. Offer “pay it forward” rewards as part of your employee recognition program. Offer employees the chance to do a directed donation, take time to volunteer, or choose a charity that the company will support in exchange for getting recognized. These pro-social bonuses are a great motivator for employees — but also build a sense of company meaning.
  5. Use employee recognition software to manage your employee recognition program. Real-time recognition has to be easy, or it won’t happen. An easy-to-use employee recognition software package makes recognition an automatic part of your culture. According to a 3rd party research study, KazooOur customers save, on average, a week of administrative time each month on their employee recognition programs.

For more ideas on building a sense of meaning in your company, get tips in the Employee Experience Optimized.

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