Employee Incentive Programs that Build Work-Life Balance

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employee incentive programs that build work life balanceMost employee incentive programs aren’t designed with work-life balance in mind. Generally, employee incentives are focused more on building employee performance or employee engagement. However, all three of these are highly connected.

Surveys have shown that taking a week of vacation boosts employees’ engagement and drive to perform. A study of UK consultants showed that having predictable, required time off built productivity and team performance. Work-life balance also affects employee retention and recruitment: a growing number of job seekers are searching for jobs with better work-life balance and more flexibility. On top of that, 39% of employees in a Robert Half study stated they thought it was their company’s job to provide that work-life balance.

Supporting employees’ work-life balance goes beyond a work from home or flex time policy. There are times when shift work has to be covered. Employees may need to collaborate in the office. Sometimes supporting work-life balance involves finding ways to help employees get the most out of their time off work.

Whether your employees have to be onsite or work flexibly across over the globe – adding rewards that build work-life balance into your employee incentive programs is a ripe opportunity.

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Work-Life Balance Ideas for Employee Incentive Programs

Nearly all employee incentive programs include some kind of employee rewards. Here are some reward ideas that may help your employees get more out of their time off of work so they can bring more into the time that they’re on the clock.

  • First choice of shift. For employees who do shift work, give a top performer the first choice of shifts for a given month.
  • Extra time off. Let employees schedule a half-day or long lunch hour with no explanation required.
  • Hire a cleaning service. Reward employees with a coupon for a cleaning service to free up their free time.
  • Get dinner delivered. Offer coupons for food delivery or a pre-prep food service as part of your employee incentive programs.
  • Time off to volunteer. Build engagement by letting employees earn a few hours off to do volunteer work.
  • Shift switcher. Let employees help each other out by giving a reward for covering someone else’s shift in an emergency.

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