Announcing The Employee Experience Revolution: A Manifesto

There’s no question — even before the recent health crisis upended our work culture, we’ve been heading for a revolution in the workplace. We’re undergoing a true employee experience revolution.

Here’s what this means for your company: The policies, processes, and technologies that defined the relationship between companies and employees for the past decades must be replaced with more human versions. So we wrote Kazoo’s EX Manifesto to tell you how — here’s a sneak peek.

Change your perspective

Change doesn’t happen without the shift in perspective that puts people and their emotional needs at the center of business strategy. Employee experience (EX), after all, is about building emotional connections — going beyond just making sure employees are satisfied. 

There’s always been a social contract in employment, an implicit agreement between companies and workers. Decades ago, this contract was heavily tilted in favor of the company. Workers made many sacrifices for a stable paycheck and didn’t really expect much from their employer other than that paycheck and the promise of long-term employment. 

But those days are gone. Today, employers need to create a positive EX and do so with great intention. They have to take a holistic view of the employee experience and create exemplary experiences at every step in the journey. It’s not too different from consumer brands that work hard to create great customer experiences across all touch points.

Here’s the most pressing question to ask yourself: Does your company value employee experience the same way you value customer experience?

Focus on the four pillars of EX

The employee experience is shaped during the entire employee life cycle. So the employees’ experience during the pre-hire phase is just as important as their time during and after their employment. Focusing on one component of the employee life cycle just won’t cut it. 

There are four deep emotional needs broadly shared across most people. Companies that build an employee experience based on these four pillars create an environment where people can move beyond surviving to thriving:

  • Connection
  • Appreciation
  • Meaningful impact
  • Growth

Organizations must address these pillars to build a human-centric employee experience where employees are aligned, inspired, and thriving.

Get inspired and aligned — read our Manifesto

Are you ready for the employee experience revolution? It’s already here, and the future of your company hangs in the balance. Will you defend decades-old attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs that discount the emotional experience of employees? Or will you lead the company into the future by creating a culture where people feel they belong? Where their work has meaning, their efforts are appreciated, and their opportunities for growth are unlimited? 

Check out The Employee Experience Revolution: A Manifesto for the Future of Work to learn why your workforce needs to get inspired and aligned to keep your business thriving.

Read the Manifesto