What is the Employee Experience Worth to You?

When describing the competition for corporate talent in today’s job market, the word fierce is just not descriptive enough. November 2017 marks a 17-year low in unemployment, and a 3-year high in the number of people participating in the labor force. Skilled workers are able to pick and choose the jobs they want. And often, they’re grading the company on the employee experience it provides.

Last spring, we published The Employee Experience Defined, a research report that consolidated feedback from more than 750 employees across a variety of industries on what mattered in their jobs. The research clearly showed that the quality of the employee experience is based on four key pillars: Connection, Meaning, Impact and Appreciation.

Yet, despite the clear value to employees, many executives didn’t see the connection between these four pillars — or even the employee experience itself — and their business’s bottom line. They felt the pillars were “fluffy” HR terms, rather than critical elements of a business. In our research, more than 1 out of 4 (27%) of executives say that their company still does not invest time or money cultivating a positive employee experience.

employee experience quantified
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Now, we are releasing The Employee Experience Quantified: a research report that shows that the value of these four pillars is more than a concept. They measurably impact 6 key performance indicators (KPI’s) that every business needs for a healthy bottom line:

  • Revenue
  • Earnings
  • Productivity
  • Retention
  • Customer Experience
  • Absenteeism

It is important for executives to pay attention to the employee experience. On average, 70% of a company’s operating expenses are spent on human capital. Many executives focused on business results still consider the employee experience to be an expense rather than an investment in a key company benefit.

Want to understand why it’s so important to make the shift to investing in the employee experience? Download The Employee Experience Quantified to see how the four key pillars impact the six KPI’s – and why companies must invest in them to thrive in today’s competitive talent market.

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