Employee Engagement Is an Outcome, Not a Program

“Leaders’ understanding of employee engagement is expanding. It’s no longer just about how employees connect to their role and the organization. Instead, employee engagement now includes all aspects of the employee experience. As a result, companies have to adjust their focus.”

These are the opening lines of a recent Entrepreneur article that argues ‘Employee Engagement’ is so 2016. There has been a shift in thinking about employee engagement. This revelation doesn’t mean organizations’ engagement programs are useless — its goals are simply short sighted.

Employee engagement is an outcome, not a program.

employee engagement is an outcome, not a program - Kazoo

The rise of the employee experience

“The employee experience” is not the HR buzzword du jour. Rather, it’s a critical driver of business results. After our studies of industry research, surveying of thousands of employees, and reviews of recent articles on the subject, one key definition of the employee experience has emerged:

The Employee Experience results from the connection, meaning, impact, and appreciation employees find in their jobs. The quality of the employee experience depends on how much these pillars are embedded in an employee’s cumulative day-today interactions with corporate values, coworkers, management, customers, work content, tools and technology, and even physical environment.

The rise of this holistic view of what affects employees means leaders must rethink the goals of traditional employee engagement programs.

As Forbes recently pointed out, the “pep fests and pizza” approach to employee engagement programs is hurting your company, while plenty of evidence suggests that switching focus to the employee experience provides positive outcomes for both employee engagement and the bottom line:

Entrepreneur profiled the success of Farm Bureau Financial Services, which improved employees’ connection and overall experience, leading to improved engagement.

• A study outlined in Harvard Business Review revealed that companies investing in the employee experience outperform those that don’t, becoming four times as profitable.

• In a third-party ROI study on Kazoo’s customers, 100% of the organizations surveyed saw an increase in employee engagement after adopting our employee experience platform.

A blueprint for effective employee engagement

Our research has shown how companies can use a blueprint for effective employee engagement to deliver positive employee engagement outcomes.

To learn more, see Kazoo’s Blueprint for Effective Employee Engagement, a guide to helping organizations see successful employee engagement outcomes through a structure that injects connection, meaning, impact, and appreciation into the employee experience.

Kazoo's Blueprint for Effective Employee Engagement

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If your organization is frustrated with the lack of impact your employee engagement efforts are having, perhaps your focus is too narrow. Broaden your efforts to cover the overall employee experience, and engagement will follow.

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