Employee Engagement Ideas that Build a Culture of Engagement

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employee engagement ideas

Every business wants employee engagement ideas that will deliver on their promise.

Why? Because employee engagement is a business goldmine. Industry research shows that for every 1% increase in employee engagement, companies can expect to see an additional 0.6% growth in sales for their organization.

Despite the power of employee engagement, finding employee engagement ideas that actually work is a challenge for many companies. One barrier to success: employee engagement ideas often require employees to engage in ways that may not interest or matter to them.

When we’ve researched employee engagement ideas, we found one approach that consistently works: investing in an overall employee experience that invites employees to engage in meaningful ways. This kind of employee experience includes a culture of performance and engagement.

Here are five employee engagement ideas that build a great employee experience – and boost your bottom line.

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Employee Engagement Ideas

Set individual employee goals that are clearly tied to corporate goals.

Gallup’s 2017 Performance Management Report showed that employees who strongly agree that they can link their goals to the organization’s goals are 3.5 times more likely to be engaged. How do you get there? Train managers to work with employees to set quarterly or monthly goals, and review progress in regular one-on-ones.

Want tips for great goal-setting? See our Manager’s Guide to Effective 1-on-1’s.

Build team connections during the work day.

In our research of more than 850 employees for for The Employee Experience Quantified, 1 in 4 employees had quit a job because they didn’t like the people they worked with. Additionally, 67% of the employees said that connections with their managers and coworkers affected how long they stay in a job.

Yet, building connections only through happy hours or outside work activities can leave out working parents, employees who are doing night classes, or those who may not drink alcohol. Instead, take time during the work day to strengthen those connections with a team lunch, team recognition, or quarterly birthday celebrations.

Create, communicate and demonstrate company core values.

Core values matter. Our research in the Employee Experience Optimized showed that 83% of employees who worked in companies that had clearly communicated core values reported a positive employee experience vs. 38% of those that didn’t have clearly communicated core values at their companies.

What, you may ask, is the value of that positive employee experience? Improved engagement, company revenues, productivity, retention, customer experience and absenteeism — according to our research in the Employee Experience Quantified.

Strengthen the 10 Culture Building Blocks.

Through reviewing organizational psychology research, we identified (and backed up with research) 10 Culture Building Blocks that lead to high levels of employee engagement and an excellent employee experience. We found that an average of 90% of employees who had an excellent employee experience have the 10 Culture Building Blocks in their jobs vs. an average of 20% for those that don’t have them.

See this post to see a list of the 10 Culture Building Blocks. Or take our Company Culture Quiz to see how your company culture stacks up.

Invest in a public, peer-to-peer recognition platform.

Appreciation is one of the four pillars of the employee experience. And one of the best ways to make sure your employees feel appreciated? Recognize their great work on a public recognition feed. In addition to making that employee feel appreciated, public recognition also sends an important message to other team members about what work matters.

Enabling peer-to-peer recognition has added benefits. It means there are more opportunities to give real-time recognition. And it’s team-building. Studies have shown that teams that reward each other perform better.

And for the final note on our employee engagement ideas: our customer ROI study showed that 100% of the companies that used the Kazoo Employee Experience Platform increased employee engagement.

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