4 Employee Award Ideas that Build Engagement

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employee award ideasWhen it comes to employee awards, many companies are in the same boat. Despite offering employee award ideas like “Employee of the Month” or “Highest Safety Record,” employee engagement surveys and exit interviews show that employees don’t feel recognized or appreciated enough.

You’re spending time and money on an employee award program – but it doesn’t seem to be building the engagement that you need.

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There is a better way. Employee award ideas that tie into a bigger employee experience work better. Awards that build a sense of connection, meaning, impact, and appreciation will pay off in higher employee engagement.

4 Engagement-Boosting Employee Award Ideas

Tie employee awards to a spontaneous employee recognition program. Often, employee awards can turn into a popularity contest, or make employees who didn’t receive an award feel left out. If you use a recognition program that lets employees get recognized for their day-to-day good work, then giving awards for bigger trends or patterns of behavior will be more meaningful.

Core value-based awards. Your company has core values. Offering public awards to employees who have lived out those values sends a clear message to everyone in the company about what you consider important. SHRM has found that recognition tied to core values has more value than recognition sent on its own.

KPI-based awards. Similar to core-value based awards, recognize employees who have a pattern of delivering on core KPI’s – best service record, safety reports, or highest sales.

Team-specific awards. Not all awards programs have to be company-wide. Build a sense of fun by getting employees on your team to nominate each other for “best hair” or “most likely to log in while on vacation.” A moment of lighthearted fun can measure true engagement, but also build a sense of on-the-job camaraderie. Gallup has shown that having friends at work builds engagement.

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