Employee Appreciation This Holiday Season

As you scramble for new ways to make your employees light up like a Christmas tree this Holiday, let us gift you some helpful tips.

  • Employees love meaningful gifts. Even if you get all 800 of your employees the same exact gift, add a personal touch to it. Throw in a line about why they are so valuable to you as an employee. What are their specific gifts that you cherish so much? How have they made your company stronger? This is the perfect time to dote on an employee! Especially if the gift itself isn’t super personal. Larger companies can delegate this task to the leaders who work directly with employees in their department, to make it feel even more intimate and special. If you can, cater gifts to the interests or needs of your employees. Employees love gifts that encourage work-life balance, like a free pass to come in late to the office, or take half the day off to go hiking. Professional development opportunities, or mentor sessions with the CEO or boss, like those showcased in our 33 Reward Ideas for Millennials guide, are also generous and meaningful gifts.


  • Instead of cash, give an experience to remember. Take your team ice skating, to a hockey game, the ballet, or a comedy club. Encouraging employees to bond outside of the office creates even more connection amongst co-workers. Having friends at work, or at least having peers that employees feel friendly towards, makes for easier communication and feedback at work. It deepens trust amongst employees and with the company as a whole, and even inspires greater motivation! Fifty percent of Millennials say that friends at work keep them motivated. Thirty-nine percent say that having friends at work makes them more productive. (Business News Daily)


  • Throw a party your employees actually want to attend. If you’ve ever been to a boring company Holiday party, you know how much of a drag they can be! Opt for entertainment that your employees would actually enjoy, like a karaoke machine with a variety of oldies and greatest hits (to accommodate Gen Y, Gen X and your baby boomers, of course!). Play games. Give away prizes, or host a competitive game of White Elephant. For food and drinks, have employees make a list of their favorite snacks, or bring their favorite dish, ala potluck style.


  • Give back to those in need. Together. Winters—and the Holiday season in general—can be especially cruel for some, which is why so many companies choose to volunteer their time, money, and resources to a cause that will make a difference. There’s nothing more heart-warming than giving to those in need during a time when they need it most. Sing Holiday jingles with your team at nursing homes. Feed the homeless together at a nearby shelter. Drop off books and toys to children’s homes. Donate food and supplies to local animal shelters. Volunteering together is a powerful way to make a difference outside the office. Charles Dickens said it right: “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of another.” Your employees will feel so grateful and gifted for the opportunity to give back. Check out how one of our customers came together as a company to help someone in need.


  • Make gifts, rewards and appreciation a company tradition. The best way to make your employees feel appreciated at work, of course, is to recognize and reward them between the holidays, too. Isn’t it motivating when someone calls you out for your specific talents, unique approach or attitude? It’s uplifting, right? That’s exactly what happens to your employees when you make the effort to recognize how their individuality positively affects the team as a unit. By shining the light on their skills, through the medium of real-time recognition, you inspire that warm, holiday cheer all year round. Here are 50 employee reward ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


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