25 Custom Reward Ideas for Remote Employees


Do you have remote employees in other cities or countries? If so, how do you ensure they feel as connected and valued as your local employees kicking it back at HQ? Video conferencing and communication tools such as Slack help, but how do you reinforce and reward positive employee behaviors aligned with company core values?

Cultural cohesion and remote worker inclusion lead to a consistent customer experience, collaboration, shared company values, and performance improvements. But it’s challenging to institute.

In a virtual work environment, recognition and rewards play a key part in welcoming and engaging remote workers.

Download our guide, where we share 25 thoughtful ways to reward your remote employees so they feel like part of the company, even if on the other side of the globe. This list will ensure your remote workers:

  • Stay connected to their co-workers
  • Feel recognized and rewarded for their contributions
  • Align with company core values
  • Are involved in the day-to-day culture of your workorce