Meet Your Model for Creating Employee Engagement Anywhere

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Let’s face it. The future of work looks different than it did a year ago. Way different. Which means that the employee engagement framework you were using then is a relic of the past.

It’s time to get caught up.

Gone are the days of the historic war for talent and foosball tables in the break room. Now, the top challenges facing HR leaders include:

We’ve been there. We are there. 

Here’s how we’re doing it.

Today’s biggest challenges — and how to handle them.
Playbook for 4 HR Challenges Facing Today’s Leaders

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Meet the Engagement Flywheel

AKA, our framework for creating employee engagement, wherever your people are working.

Kazoo's Engagement Flywheel -- the framework for creating engaged remote employees

Why a wheel? Because each element connects to and propels the others. Goals & OKRs, feedback, conversations, recognition, and incentives support each other — and your employees.

  • Goals & OKRs: Drive alignment and productivity
  • Feedback: Drives growth and performance
  • Conversations: Drive connection, alignment, and growth
  • Recognition: Drives engagement and appreciation
  • Incentives: Drive the behavior that supports all of the above

Learn more in our in-depth guide, How to Create Employee Engagement Anywhere: A 5-Part Framework.

The Engagement Flywheel in Motion

When integrated into your quarterly planning, the flywheel might look something like this:

the framework for creating employee engagement anywhere, overlaid on a calendar

The cadence will vary based on your company’s culture and needs. But at a minimum, strategically structuring your quarter around goal-setting, check-ins, feedback, and more, you’ve laid the groundwork for creating employee engagement. And more importantly, this framework is resilient and non-place-specific. No matter what disruptions lie ahead, focusing on these core practices will enable your company to stay productive, connected, and growing — no matter where you are.

Create employee engagement anywhere

Ready to take on the future? Our flywheel is the key to helping you connect and align your employees, no matter where they’re working. 

Because at Kazoo, we’re passionate about bringing together all the tools you need to make work work better for everyone. That’s why the Kazoo Employee Experience Platform brings performance management and recognition and rewards — including Goals, Feedback, Conversations, Recognition, Incentives, and more — into one simple, easy-to-use platform.

If you’re ready to align, connect, and engage your workplace, check out our Kazoo overview. Or, schedule a personalized demo today.

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