Cutting-Edge Company Culture Examples: Introducing “What Culture Could Be”

Successful entrepreneurs may start with a great idea — but they succeed because they enable innovation, stellar results, alignment to the mission, and a willingness to go into battle together. They win by creating amazing company culture. Great cultures drive exceptional business results, not the other way around. But where can you find company culture examples that deliver winning results?

company culture examples

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You will find them in the new podcast from our CEO Autumn Manning, What Culture Could Be. In this podcast, you’ll hear how successful organizations around the world have optimized people practices to get big results, what great teams do to win, and how executives create workplaces that are hard to leave.

Company Culture Examples — Why Now?

Great company culture has never been more important.

According the the latest LinkedIn Jobs Report, more than 70% of employees said they would not take a job where there was bad company culture. Bad company culture chased prospective employees away at a higher rate than lower salary (68%) or forgoing a fancy title (27%).

It takes more than ping pong tables and baristas to build a great culture. But what really matters?

In the introductory episode of What Culture Could Be, listeners can expect to take part in a dialog about what culture is and isn’t, and to share in honest conversations around what has worked in certain industries, and what old tools need to be thrown out.

Future episodes will be rich in company culture examples. Each episode features an interview with a founder or executive, a practitioner, or thought leader discussing a variety of topics, including:

So tune in. Get company culture examples. See how you can build a company culture that wins.

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