Building a Productivity-Enhancing Employee Experience

Who doesn’t want to build productivity in their organization? The more that employees are inspired to produce, the better the bottom line of any company.

The tie between productivity and employee engagement has been solidly proven. According to Gallup, actively disengaged employees cost the U.S. $450 to $550 billion per year in lost productivity.

For that reason, many companies are looking at employee engagement strategies. And others are taking the next step to create an engaging culture and an employee experience that invites employees to engage.

Productivity and the Employee Experience

While employee experience and company culture likely do not have their own line items on a profit and loss statement, they certainly affect it. But what is the relationship between specific elements of the employee experience and productivity?

To answer this question, Kazoo surveyed more than 900 full-time employees and C-level executives in various company sizes, industries, and job levels to understand how they perceive the employee experience drives business performance and impacts critical business metrics. You can see all the results in our report: The Employee Experience Quantified.

Productivity is directly tied to business performance – when businesses see an increase in output, they are able to deliver greater top-line growth. With that in mind, it is no wonder 87% of executives surveyed understand the employee experience is unequivocally connected to their company’s productivity.

As companies set out for profitable growth, focusing on the four pillars of the employee experience — Connection, Meaning, Impact and Appreciation — can influence the productive potential of their teams. Most executives recognize each of the four pillars is impactful to a positive employee experience, though it is interesting that more executives believe Appreciation is the leading pillar, with fewer executives connecting the Impact pillar. Learn more about all four pillars in our report The Employee Experience Defined.

When looking at productivity and the employee experience, most executives see the business value. By using the four pillars to increase productivity, companies will not only see higher sales and profitability, but they will also have employees who are more likely to do more to help the company succeed.

employee experience pillars

What other KPIs can the employee experience quantify for you?

In our latest report, Kazoo conducted quantified research proving why the employee experience is a critical component to six key performance indicators for businesses experience. Download The Employee Experience Quantified to learn more:

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