Budgeting for Employee Engagement

Are you wanting to implement a new employee engagement program, but questioning where in the heck you will find the money to make it happen?

Well, we understand working within a budget.

Just like you, we’re a growing company that’s trying to live within our means. But we’ve learned by working with so many wonderful companies that, not only is employee engagement an indication of a healthy culture, it’s also a measure of key business success and future profits.

Many organizations struggle to “justify” the cost of a program aimed at providing more real-time recognition because the “soft-side” of HR is traditionally hard to quantify. To better understand the bottom-line impact recognition has on employee performance, a team of Industrial/Organizational Psychologists from San Francisco State University approached us to study changes in performance and turnover over the course of two years while using Kazoo. The findings we’re more powerful than anyone had anticipated and confirmed the very real and strong ROI within year 1 on the Kazoo platform. See the full study results here.


With Kazoo you can easily combine a variety of programs into a single, easy to manage platform, all while cutting your rewards budget by up to 50%.


“Rent-2-Own’s budget for employee incentives used to fall well into the six figures each year. But since implementing Kazoo, Rent-2-Own has cut it’s incentive budget by 90%.” Mike Tissot, CEO, Rent-2-Own


Some common disparate programs we see our customers combine to budget for a total employee engagement platform include:

  • Employee Recognition and Rewards Programs
  • Spot Bonuses
  • Wellness Programs
  • Years of Service Awards
  • Ad-hoc Recognition Rewards
  • Professional Learning & Development
  • And more!


“If you think about Kazoo in terms of what you’ll gain in productivity, performance, and employee happiness, it costs ZERO.” Josh Lipton, VP of Technology, Sparefoot


Finding the budget to pay for a total employee engagement platform is one concern. Others you might experience include time to implement a new program or how to get employees on board with your employee engagement program. To get these answers, check out our other most common FAQ’s below.

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