Brewing Employee Engagement Ideas with Karl Strauss

For many companies, the people challenges in their industry are painfully clear: employee retention is difficult, cross-company communication seems impossible, and measuring HR’s efforts to help feels like an uphill battle.

Some might accept these problems as par for the course, especially if they work in the food and beverage industry, where waitstaff turnover is high and HQ struggles to communicate with employees across many eateries.

But not Karl Strauss, the award-winning brewery with multiple brewpubs based in southern California. Faced with the same struggles as the rest of the food and beverage industry, they decided to take these challenges head-on and turn to Kazoo to implement new employee engagement ideas. Today, they’ve successfully revamped their approach to some of the industry’s biggest HR issues.

In our latest case study, we lay out their blueprint for success:

Brewing Employee Engagement Solutions for the Food & Beverage Industry
Download it for yourself, and you’ll get insights into the unique ways Karl Strauss approached some of the issues every industry faces.

As a preview, here are a few questions answered in the study:

  • How can your company’s core values end up being a recruiting tool?
  • How can your company suddenly see record participation in employee wellness programs?
  • How do you roll out real-time employee recognition if your staff doesn’t have on-the-job computer access?


Enjoy, and be sure to let us know if we can help answer similar questions for your company!

About Kazoo:
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