Behavior Bonus: Performance Enablement

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While the Kazoo Employee Experience platform is primarily driven by spontaneous, timely employee recognition — some employees want specific incentives and directions for their behavior. This is where our Behavior Bonus functionality comes in. It clearly communicates which behaviors matter to your organization and serves as an amplifier for all your goals and programs. It’s a key part of a successful performance enablement program.

Using Incentives for Performance Enablement

Behavior Bonus is, in its essence, an incentive tool. Each behavior bonus defines an action an employee can take that will get a specific number of points. The employee clicks the Behavior Bonus button, follows instructions (if needed) and gets points. (Administrators can choose to have an approval loop or not.)

How you use Behavior Bonus depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. It’s very flexible, and a small number of points can go a very long way toward building performance across your teams. Here are some specific examples of ways to use Behavior Bonus for performance enablement.

Goal: Boost participation in corporate wellness programs.
Behavior Bonus: 100 points for getting an annual checkup; 5 points for taking a walk during lunch; 100 points for getting a flu shot.
Power Tip: Start with very small amounts of points for Behavior Bonuses — even 5 points for a regular activity. You can always increase it if employees aren’t redeeming, but it’s harder to start high and then go lower.

Performance Enablement

Goal: Encourage employees to get in the habit of using the Kazoo platform.
Behavior Bonus Ideas: 50 points for first 5 recognitions sent. 500 points for most high fives of the month.
Power Tip: Leave room for employees to include comments when they redeem points so other employees can see their public descriptions.

Goal: Reduce Turnover
Behavior Bonus: 1,000 points at 3-month anniversary, 5,000 points at 6-month anniversary.
Power Tip: Save yourself and your employees time by creating an automatic Behavior Bonus fulfillment.

Goal: Build brand in social media
Behavior Bonus: 5 points for each social media post on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.
Power Tip: Ask employees to copy their tweets or posts in the redemption as proof.

Goal: Build social and environmental stewardship.
Behavior Bonus: 50 points for volunteering on the weekend; 100 points for taking public transportation to work; 5 points for projecting – rather than printing – a report for a meeting.
Power Tip: Manage your budget by limiting the number of times one employee can redeem a more expensive Behavior Bonus.

Goal: Build team culture.
Behavior Bonus: 500 points for participating in a company-sponsored 5K, 50 points for bringing coffee to a coworker.
Power Tip: Make different levels of Behavior Bonus redemptions for activities that include larger groups of coworkers. (For example: 5 points if one person does it, 25 per person if 5 people participate.)

Real World Performance Enablement

Here are 3 examples where Kazoo customers have used Behavior Bonus for successful performance enablement.

  • Emmaus Homes ran an “I Heart my Job” campaign, offering Kazoo points for one-paragraph stories that showed why an employee liked working at Emmaus. Employees sent in more than 100 stories, creating 52 weeks worth of social media highlights for recruiting.
  • Baker Victory Services increased participation in training programs, corporate survey responses, and participation in a corporate fun run by using Behavior Bonuses.
  • BazaarVoice dramatically boosted performance in corporate wellness programs through Behavior Bonus, potentially reducing insurance costs.

The number of ways to use Behavior Bonus is virtually limitless. See our guide, Building High Performance Cultures, for a cheatsheet on selecting behaviors to incentivize.

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