18 Awesome Wellness Program Ideas for Boosting Employee Participation

In recent years, wellness programs have been all the rage among HR departments, and for good reason – on paper, wellness program ideas promise to facilitate employee health, happiness, and productivity while saving companies money on health premiums.

Seems like a win-win, right? There’s just one problem: employees aren’t participating. In fact, a recent Gallup poll shows that while 85% of large companies have rolled out wellness programs, only 24% of employees are participating.

Challenge Accepted

For the team here at Kazoo, this sounds like an employee engagement challenge. We’re certainly not ones to shy away from those, so we teamed up with our friends (and healthy workplace experts) at SnackNation to profile companies of all sizes and bring you wellness program ideas that work.

They’re available now in our free download, 18 Awesome Wellness Program Ideas for Boosting Employee Participation:

Kazoo Wellness Ideas
Anyone can apply these ideas to their company’s wellness program today, but the info is also meant to challenge the common approaches to corporate wellness that bog down employee participation. Examples include:

  • A publicly-traded technology company using group-oriented wellness ideas to encourage more employee participation.
  • A brewery/restaurant chain that’s improving employee fitness while rallying people around their company culture.
  • A financial services company showing employee wellness means more than physical health (hint: their approach includes financial wellness 🙂 )


You’ll also get the skinny on Kazoo’s own award-winning wellness program. You didn’t think we weren’t using some of these ideas ourselves, did you?

Download this document to learn more about Kazoo's own award-winning wellness program.
Download these ideas now, and let us know if you have some of your own!
Enjoy, and be well.