Introducing Awards & Nominations on Kazoo

Employee of the Month. Best Safety Record. Salesperson of the Year. When it comes to company awards, nearly every organization makes efforts to nominate, recognize, and reward individuals on an ongoing basis.

In fact, a recent report from WorldatWork found more than 75% of companies have created programs to recognize these sorts of “above and beyond performance.”

Awards are an important part of the employee experience at companies of all sizes, and that’s why today we’re introducing Awards & Nominations on Kazoo.

Awards & Nominations on Kazoo
Introducing Awards & Nominations on Kazoo

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Create company awards in less time with more impact

In our interviews and research leading up to this feature, we discovered companies face three major problems with award programs:

  • For admins, creating awards and gathering nominations takes too much time.
  • Boosting awareness of awards is difficult, meaning participation is low.
  • Without participation and awareness, awards are less meaningful.

Given these issues, it’s no wonder the way companies handle awards is changing — and HR technology is playing a major role.

WorldatWork notes that the use of tools like intranets and digital notifications for presenting awards has skyrocketed in recent years, while relying on costly one-time events or staff meetings has declined.

The time has never been better to help our customers with their awards programs. The Kazoo platform has already been proven to reduce admin time while increasing employee participation in corporate programs by up to 50% — streamlining awards programs into our platform extends these benefits even further.

By bringing additional features into the Kazoo engagement suite, we are not only reducing the cost and time our customers spend on programs, but also amplifying our vision of driving deeper employee engagement for businesses today.

— Autumn Manning, Co-Founder & CEO, Kazoo

How it works

From “Best Hair in the Office” to “Employee of the Year,” Awards & Nominations enables your organization to easily create, schedule, and run custom awards that reflect your core values, business goals, or company culture in a matter of minutes.

Create awards:Create custom company awards in Kazoo with Awards & Nominations

  • Build a nomination form with a few clicks.
  • Schedule multiple awards at once if needed.
  • Choose who can nominate or be nominated.


Collect and review nominations:

  • Kazoo sets up email reminders and in-app notifications.
  • Employees fill out quick, effective nomination forms.
  • Keep nominations visible to admins only.
  • See real-time results, and download them to analyze or share.


Manage your awards:Manage Awards & Nominations in Kazoo

  • Record winners and keep track of past awards.
  • See the status and details of awards at a glance.
  • Easily edit live or scheduled awards anytime.

What it means for you

What the Kazoo Awards & Nominations feature suite means for you

Awards that take less time to administer.

Nominations that get more participation with your people.

The Kazoo Awards & Nominations feature suite is just one more way we’re making the employee experience more meaningful for our customers.

For more information on Awards & Nominations, view this downloadable PDF. To see Awards & Nominations on the Kazoo platform, request a demo anytime.

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