Looking for new ways to engage your team with the Kazoo platform? Good news! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite holidays you and your employees can celebrate with our Rewards & Recognition platform.

For each date, we’ve also included a list of feature ideas and suggestions – so whether you’re looking to expand your rewards catalog, swap out your Behavior Bonuses, or create new onboarding redemptions, we’ve got you covered!

January Holidays and Incentives

All month long – New Year’s Resolutions

  • Create a Behavior Bonus for keeping your resolution every week, meditating, or exercising
  • Add fitness wearables and gym memberships to your reward catalog

January 14 – Clean Off Your Desk Day

  • Create a Behavior Bonus for employees who clear off and wipe down their work station

January 17 – Get to Know Your Customers Day

  • Hold a team presentation highlighting one of your customers and their success story

January 24 – Compliment Day

  • Challenge everyone in your company to send a compliment via Kazoo’s recognition tool and read the best ones in a team-wide meeting

January 28 – Data Privacy Day

  • Create a Behavior Bonus for reading company data-protection documentation

February Holidays and Incentives

All month long – National Mentoring Month

  •  Plan a staff volunteer day to mentor children at your local Boys and Girls Club
  • Create a Behavior Bonus for mentoring or volunteering with kids over the weekend

February 11 – Make a Friend Day

  • Create a Behavior Bonus for employees who grab lunch or coffee with a team member they rarely work with

February 17 – Random Act of Kindness Day

  • Encourage your team to use the recognition tool to shine light on their co-workers’ random acts of kindness throughout the year

March Holidays and Incentives

March 1 – World Compliment Day

  • Pair up every employee in your company with a randomizer tool and encourage them to send a compliment to their partner through the recognition tool in Kazoo

March 8 – International Women’s Day

  • Pool points so employees can donate to a women’s organization of your choosing

March 10 – Pack Your Lunch Day

  • Create a Behavior Bonus for employees who bring their own lunch on this day

April Holidays and Incentives

April 3 – National Walking Day

  • Create a Behavior Bonus for employees who take a 15-minute walk on this day

April 22 – Earth Day

  • Pool points so employees can make a contribution to a wildlife fund, conservation charity, or other green initiative
  • Create a Behavior Bonus for employees who carpool or use public transportation to get to work during the month of April

May Holidays and Incentives

May 8 – National Receptionist Day

  • Encourage your employees to send recognition to your company’s office managers or receptionists thanking them for all the work they do

May 15 – International Day of Families

  • Pool points so your employees can group together to sponsor a family in need

June Holidays and Incentives

June 1 – Say Something Nice Day

  • Encourage employees to use the Recognition tool to say something nice to one of their coworkers or managers

June 3 – Leave the Office Early Day

  • Create a reward employees can redeem to take a half day off work

June 14 – National Blood Donor Day

  • Create a Behavior Bonus for employees who donate blood during the month of June

July Holidays and Incentives

July 15 – National Give Something Away Day

  • Choose a charity that receives donations, and create a Behavior Bonus for employees who contribute their own items

August Holidays and Incentives

August 9 – National Book Lovers Day

  • Sponsor a book swap in your office and offer a Behavior Bonus for employees who participate

September Holidays and Incentives

September 5 – International Day of Charity

  • Survey your team for their favorite charities, and add ten of them to your Rewards catalog for future donations

October Holidays and Incentives

October 10 – World Mental Health Day

  • Create a Behavior Bonus for employees who take fifteen minutes to meditate on this day

October 16 – National Boss Day

  • Encourage employees to recognize and reward their managers for all the work they do

November Holidays and Incentives

All month long – Month of Giving

  • Pool points to sponsor a family’s Thanksgiving, or donate to a charity of your company’s choice

November 20 – Computer Security Day

  • Create a Behavior Bonus for employees who spend ten minutes updating their passwords

December Holidays and Incentives

December 13 – National Salesperson Day

  • Encourage your company to recognize and reward your sales team for their contribution to your company’s success

In the world of Westeros, chaos isn’t a pit – it’s a ladder.

And for HR professionals tasked with corralling toxic employees, managing that ladder can seem all but impossible. Betrayal, manipulation, rivalries, and leadership changes can threaten to destroy a company culture and pit your star employees against one another.

To help you deal with the Joffreys of your office, we’ve identified 7 toxic employee types based on Game of Thrones houses and crafted tips for dealing with each.

1. House Targaryen: The loose cannon

The Gods of Valyria flip a coin every time a Targaryen is born, and businesses that bring on these fiery team members should do the same. Greatness or madness are the two fates of these dragon-like employees: they’re the kind of people who either help a company IPO, or burn all progress to the ground through their insane business tactics. The worst part? It’s impossible to spot a loose cannon until it’s too late.

How to deal with Targaryens: Harness their social influence to change negative attitudes in the office. If you can get this natural born leader to champion good behavior, the rest of your employees will follow suit.

2. House Stark: The stoic

These northern-inspired team members are silent killers. Like the Starks, they keep a straight face no matter what level of stress they’re under, failing to ask for help even if it means sabotaging their own efforts. The stoic may either end up quitting once their anger and resentment reaches assassin levels, or their professional failures result in an employment beheading.

How to deal with Starks: Appeal to their sense of duty. Reminding a Stark employee of your company’s core values will reignite their passion and sense of obligation to your business goals.

3. House Greyjoy: The thief

Greyjoy employees have few skills of their own, but are cunning enough to survive by stealing credit from their more resourceful co-workers. These idea thieves are ruthless and will shamelessly take advantage of situations to outshine and overtake leadership. Does it work? Rarely, but that doesn’t stop them from trying.

How to deal with Greyjoys: Sometimes a Greyjoy employee simply needs to walk the plank. High achievers that climb the ranks through intellectual thievery will demoralize the hardest working members of your team, and should be cut from your crew as quickly as possible.

4. House Baratheon: The ego-maniac

Baratheon employees want to be in charge. Not for influence, not for esteem, and rarely even for power. They simply feel leadership status is entitled to them, and they’ll do almost anything to get it. These ego-maniacs want the perks of workplace royalty, but don’t have the temper to deal with the effort that success and adoration truly require.

How to deal with Baratheons: Above all else, Baratheons want to have a good time. If they’re causing trouble, find an area of work they can focus on that brings them true joy. They’ll be out of your hair… at least for a little while.

5. House Tyrell: The manipulator

No two Tyrell employees are the same; they’re master manipulators and character chameleons. These people-savvy strategists will plant the seeds of power early, appearing harmless in group settings, only to come out on top with ample resources, allies, and power. They’re the kind of gossip-driven employees that make themselves indispensable, despite the poison they’ve fed your fellow team members.

How to deal with Tyrells: Take notes. These employees never play the same trick twice, and you’ll need an overwhelming amount of evidence to boot them from your team. Even worse? They may be so beloved at this point that you risk your own reputation by drawing attention to their crimes. If it’s not worth the gamble, try and learn how to play nice.

6. House Arryn: The isolator

Employees that mirror house Arryn will be easy to spot. They eat lunch alone, meddle in other people’s business, and showcase a steely self-importance in team meetings. Despite this loner attitude, they somehow seem to know everyone in your industry. In the end, crossing an Arryn can be a fatal career move: one day you’re minding your own business, the next you’re being thrown out of your workplace moon tower.

How to deal with Arryns: Arryn employees are petty, plain and simple. If you can find the root of their insecurity and drive for office-politics vengeance, you should be able to turn this toxic employee into a smart, high-performing worker.

7. House Lannister: The competitor

Lannister employees encompass every terrible trait of the other noble houses, making them the ultimate competitors. They’re manipulative and ruthless firecrackers that will do whatever it takes to be on top. Uninterested in outside opinions, Lannisters think they know best and will destroy co-workers who get in the way of their goals. You know that team member whose social circle gets smaller and smaller the longer they’re employed? Yeah, that’s a Lannister.

How to deal with Lannisters: Lannister employees are like Greyjoys — if their behavior becomes disruptive enough, it may be time to let them go. The difference? A troublesome Lannister may be worth saving if you can redirect their energies towards group wins rather than solo victories. If they haven’t managed to tear down their coworkers, re-channeling a Lannister’s competitive nature may yield you a new Employee of the Month.

Do you agree with our Westeros-workplace crossovers?

Or better yet, can you think of an employee archetype for the Martells or Tullys? Share your Game of Thrones toxic employee with us on social media and we’ll re-share our favorites!

Professionals in the HR space can find more than their fair share of helpful advice from the characters of HBO’s WestWorld. It is, after all, a story about self actualization, interpersonal relationships, and questionable leadership.

And for those wondering if we’re dehumanizing the modern workforce by drawing comparisons to a rebellious group of programmed machines, well, maybe — but stay with us.

The following quotes from Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy’s AI masterpiece offer actionable insights into dealing with less-than-stellar employees, recruiting woes, and toxic management. So without further ado, scroll on, giddyup, and begin your loop:

1. The power of self-awareness


Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality? Did you ever stop to wonder about your actions? — Dolores Abernathy

From interns to executive leadership, HR professionals are often tasked with facilitating hard conversations between employees at all different stages of their career. And when conflicts arise, one workplace truth will always come in handy: self-awareness.

By asking team members to take an unbiased, 360-degree view of their situation, you’ll invite them to critically assess how their own actions may be affecting others. And considering that only 10-15% of workplace employees are actually self-aware, this is a good exercise to go through with almost anyone in your company.

Peer and self assessments like performance reviews and personality tests offer employees the tools to understand themselves, and in turn, better understand their coworkers and everyday interactions. Ultimately, these initiatives should encourage team members to consider all of the moving parts that impact business decisions and relationships, helping to remove ego from conflict and put company goals back at the forefront of the conversation.

2. The secret to attracting top talent


They’re not looking for a story that tells them who they are. They already know who they are. They’re here because they want a glimpse of who they could be.  — Dr. Robert Ford

Here’s a hard truth for recruiters and HR teams trying to grow their company headcount: there are now more job openings than there are workers to fill them. Where once high salaries, office snacks, and unlimited vacation could easily sway a desirable candidate, businesses now have to identify their personal X factor to attract top talent.

The good news? You don’t have to pour more money into recruiting efforts to stand out in the crowd. One of the biggest factors in millennials’ choice to take or leave a job is connection to purpose. If HR teams can position their companies as places where employee growth and engagement are tied to real-world business results, you’re more likely to snag talent that will buy into the vision of your business and drive meaningful results.

The bad news? If you talk the talk, you need to walk the walk. Companies that boast employee development opportunities but fail to deliver concrete growth plans will leave your team plagued by high turnover and low morale.

3. How to prevent toxic cultures


When you find a cancer in an organization, you must cut it out before it can spread. — Dr. Robert Ford

We all know the signs of a toxic employee: gossip, lack of accountability, the list goes on. And though signs of toxic behavior may be easy to identify, few companies have concrete action plans for team members that engage in such insidious conduct, especially when the employee in question is well liked or a statistically high performer.

While these situations are often difficult to address, the truth remains that toxic behavior rarely fixes itself. Instituting an internal zero-tolerance policy will allow your HR department to immediately put poisonous team members on a performance improvement plan or help see them out the door before they influence the rest of your team.

Worried about being too extreme? According to Harvard research, “toxic employees destroy your culture and your bottom line”  – so don’t be afraid to take actions that protect your workplace environment and the goals of the business.

4. The ripple effect of poor leadership


The rest will follow wherever you make him go.
— Dolores Abernathy

Think of your managers and leadership team as the trendsetters of your office. The behaviors, attitudes, and work habits they exhibit will set the pace and tone for your office. Does your CEO have monthly meltdowns? Does your engineering lead take two-hour lunches? Regardless of the behavior, your employees will take note and follow suit.

So, if you notice your office culture taking a nosedive toward resentment and laziness, consider addressing it from the top-down. As HR, it’s our job to communicate with company leaders about the power of optics and leading by example.

If employees are to truly buy into your company’s mission, vision, and values, they must identify with the people who run it. That means managers and leads showing up for work, responding to conflict and high-stress situations with poise, and respecting each employee as if they were on the executive team alongside them.

These violent delights have violent ends…

Did we cover your favorite quotes? For ones we missed, make sure to share your best HR-Westworld crossover moments on social media and tag us at @youearnedit!

About Kazoo

Kazoo amplifies company culture through its award-winning employee experience platform that delivers engagement, retention, performance management, and improved business metrics. As a dominant force in the HCM market with an industry-leading retention rate, Kazoo partners with more than 400 global organizations to build high-performance cultures and engaged workforces. Founded in 2013, Kazoo continues to revolutionize the employee experience with its platform based on the science of motivation, rewards, and recognition. To request a demo, visit info.kazoohr.com/demo-request.

Looking for inspiration on how to make the Kazoo platform a holiday hit? Whether you’re interested in holiday rewards for employees or simply want to encourage giving, we’ve put together a list of our favorite ideas for employees, teams, and managers as we head into 2019.

How we do things at Kazoo

Maybe your organization already has an existing charity you work with this time of year, or perhaps you’re looking for the perfect one to partner with for the first time.

Using our Survey tool, you can set-up a custom question polling employees on what charity they’re hoping your company donates to this December.

Here at Kazoo, we’re able to earn points through Behavior Bonuses when we donate any item during the month of December.

Furthermore, our team works with Toys for Tots by donating toys and contributing points directly from the platform. Once points are submitted, our admin takes the dollar value from the points collected and purchases toys to be donated.

Growing Your Rewards Catalog

Speaking of charities, this might be a good time to add more giving options within your rewards catalog. Kazoo has some great choices directly within our store, or you can simply incentivize your employees to donate points with a Give Back Bonus.

Need help expanding your catalog? Access you options but going to Admin > Catalogs > Rewards Catalogs. Select “Add From Store”, Filter by Reward Type, and choose Charity.

If you don’t see a Charity from our store you’re hoping to add, have no fear! This is where Custom Experiences are your friend. Add in a Point Pooled reward that allows your employees to donate one of two ways: By a goal amount or by a certain date.

Some of our favorite charity ideas are:

  • Contribute to the Make-a-Wish Foundation
  • Sponsor a family in need
  • Donate to a local Food Bank

New Year Ideas and Inspiration

With 2019 fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about January initiatives.

Whether you want to encourage your employees to adopt healthy behaviors or maintain their New Year Resolutions, there are things you can easily incorporate into Kazoo through behavior bonuses and themed rewards.

New Year’s Reward Ideas

  • Physical wellness: Fitbit, Apple Watch, exercise classes, gym membership
  • Personal growth: Learning and Development classes, journals, bookstore gift card

New Year’s Behavior Bonus Ideas

  • Physical and mental wellness: 30 minute workout, meditation, joining a company sports team
  • Personal growth: Keeping your New Year’s resolution, taking financial literacy classes, learning a new skill, reading a book
  • Giving back: volunteering over the weekend, donating to charity, mentoring a child

Ready to get in front of the trends that will define HR in 2019?

In a new guide from Kazoo, we’ve combed through leading industry reports to give you insight into five emerging trends, as well as best practices for each that will help engage your employees in new, impactful ways.

Whether you’re looking to invest in new technology, reimagine your work environment, or equip your team with skills that will help grow your company, these research-backed tricks and trips will keep you ahead of the curve in 2019.

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Here’s a preview of the trending topics covered:

  • Learning & Development: Did you know L&D options are one of today’s most sought-after perks for employees? Or that overall, today’s employees give their training departments a net promoter score of negative eight. Find out how to make your L&D options relevant and rewarding.

  • HR technology and big data: Does the HR tech you use today proactively nudge your team with actionable insights? If not, you should be asking more from your insights.

  • Reimagining the role of HR: What did SHRM recently see when they looked at the future of HR? They saw Human Resources as a champion for businesses — one with a sales and marketing approach to recruiting, a customer experience approach to employee engagement, and a C-Suite acumen for HR technology purchases.

  • Employee experience: Josh Bersin declared the employee experience platform will be the next-generation, go-to employee portal for companies. Why? Because the hodgepodge of tools and apps companies invest in for wellness, rewards, recognition, or other efforts geared toward company culture are failing them.

  • Workplace environments: With the recent focus on technology’s ability to impact engagement, one critical aspect of how we define the employee experience has been overlooked — the work environment. New evidence suggests we need to save the work environment now.

The industry-backed stats and cutting edge research in this guide will equip your team with the knowledge and know-how to tackle issues that truly matter to your employees. Ready to get started? Download the guide today!

About Kazoo
Kazoo amplifies company culture through its award-winning employee experience platform that delivers engagement, retention, performance management, and improved business metrics. As a dominant force in the HCM market with an industry-leading retention rate, Kazoo partners with more than 400 global organizations to build high-performance cultures and engaged workforces. Founded in 2013, Kazoo continues to revolutionize the employee experience with its platform based on the science of motivation, rewards, and recognition. To request a demo, visit info.kazoohr.com/demo-request.

Regardless of company size, Human Resource departments are the lifeblood of successful businesses. Tasked with overseeing the entire employee lifecycle, HR professionals are often asked to drive serious business results with limited resources.

But no matter your quarterly or yearly budget, there are a few areas and tools worth investing in to make your job easier and more impactful. Whether that role is to attract and retain new talent, maintain compliance, or evaluate compensation and benefits, these are the 5 must-have items to add to your 2019 HR budget.

1. Employee Engagement Tools

If there’s one metric that can determine a business’s productivity, profitability, and turnover rate, it’s employee engagement.

And though engagement methods like surveys and annual awards can certainly move your company towards a more involved workforce, these initiatives are often too sporadic or lack the follow up to truly engage your team long term.

Luckily, when it comes to engagement, sometimes simpler is better. A recent study by Reward Gateway showed that “70% of employees say that motivation and morale would improve with managers saying thank you more.” If that’s not enough, according to a SHRM recognition survey, regular “peer to peer recognition is 35.7% more likely to have a positive impact on financial results that manager-only recognition.”

Where to put your money: Adding Employee experience tools like Kazoo to your HR budget allow team members at all levels of the business to send regular, meaningful recognition to their peers in a way that unifies culture, boosts engagement, and increases retention.

Employee engagement software

2. Collaboration + Communication Technology

If you’re not already using office collaboration tools like Slack and Facebook Workplace, we encourage you to look beyond the communication aspects of these platforms and explore how they can streamline manual processes or simplify project documentation for your company.

communication and collaboration tool Slack

Where to put your money: For example, Slack has several use cases dedicated solely to helping HR teams manage their hiring pipeline, onboard new employees, integrate their existing HR tools, and automate support through organized channels.

The best part? These benefits have tangible impact on you and your team. Slack reports that implementation of their platform pushed new employees to reach full productivity 24% faster, increased employee satisfaction by 10%, and reduced time to hire new employees 3%.

3. Learning & Development Opportunities

If you’re thinking of allocating more of your HR budget towards L&D this year, you’re not alone. As reported by Linkedin in 2017, 27% of business put more money towards learning and development programs than years prior.

And this make sense – as learned skills now reach a half life of ~5 years, it’s more important than ever for businesses to invest in their employees’ ongoing education to stay relevant with today’s technology and trends.

Where to put your money: Though it may be tempting to put all of your budget into conferences and compliance training, consider investing in soft skills like leadership and management education. With a whopping 50% of all employees citing poor management as a reason for leaving their jobs (Gallup, 2015), it’s more important than ever to invest in management skills as a serious retention strategy.

If you’re able to invest in management training for your team, explore these 15 options or our guide, 16 Secrets for Building Better Managers.

4. Performance Management Tools

Regardless of your company’s stage or size, implementing performance reviews can impact several of HR’s biggest pain points, including turnover, disengagement, absenteeism, and low productivity. Not convinced? According to ClearCompany, 72% of surveyed employees felt their performance would improve with corrective feedback.

Unfortunately, the study also concludes that only 64% of organizations that use performance management find their approach effective, leaving the remaining 36% floundering to make the most out of employee and managerial reviews.

Where to put your money: Tools like Kazoo allow companies to set goals, provide real-time, continuous feedback, and implement rewards and recognition across teams.

The key to using these kinds of platforms effectively is the frequency at which your company offers its employees opportunity to receive praise and feedback. Even the best performance management technology in the world will have a hard time impacting your bottom line if meaningful feedback is provided once or twice year.

5. Sponsored Job Postings

Recruiters across industries are feeling the strain of securing top talent in a competitive job market. As reported by a 2018 Monster survey, 67% of recruiters feel their job is more difficult than it was 5 years ago. And with more roles requiring specialized skills and talents, job candidates are able to be choosier than ever with offers, compensation, and benefits.

Where to put your money: So how do you ensure your company stands out and attracts top talent? Simply listing openings on your company’s career and LinkedIn pages may no longer be enough. Sponsored job postings on sites like Indeed rank near the top of candidates search queries and can receive up to 5x as many clicks as a non-sponsored job.

Indeed Sponsored Job Posting

Getting top talent to see your company isn’t just about attracting great applicants – it’s also about keeping those star employees from working for your competitors. Spending the extra dollars to make sure your business is seen by as many qualified candidates as possible can help you fill a vacancy faster, with better talent, and keep you on the cutting edge of your industry.

About Kazoo

Kazoo amplifies company culture through its award-winning employee experience platform that delivers engagement, retention, performance management, and improved business metrics. As a dominant force in the HCM market with an industry-leading retention rate, Kazoo partners with more than 400 global organizations to build high-performance cultures and engaged workforces. Founded in 2013, Kazoo continues to revolutionize the employee experience with its platform based on the science of motivation, rewards, and recognition. To request a demo, visit info.kazoohr.com/demo-request.

Whether you’re celebrating employee appreciation day, giving a quarterly performance award speech, or simply sending kudos to your team, a little thanks goes a long way.

And though employee recognition should be a no-brainer for building team motivation and camaraderie, it happens far less often than it should.

According to Julie Giuliani’s research, “81% of employees seldom or never received public praise, 76% seldom or never received written thanks from their managers, and 58% rarely or never received praise from their manager.”

Letting coworkers know you appreciate them is perhaps the simplest way to reward and encourage hard work. Employee recognition leads to confidence, trust, and serves as a great motivator for repeating recognized behaviors.

So, check out these 15 employee appreciation quotes and share some much-needed recognition with your coworkers, teams, and managers.

Appreciation Quotes for Employees

1. Achieving a goal

“You absolutely CRUSHED your quarterly goal! This achievement is a testament to your hard work, competitive spirit, and talent.”

2. Helping a team member

Everyone at this company is busy, yet whenever I see a team member ask for help, you’re the first person to volunteer. Your commitment to helping out makes problem-solving easier, more impactful, and simply more enjoyable.”

3. Overcoming a challenge

“I’ve never seen an obstacle you haven’t overcome or simply bulldozed your way through, and this situation was no different. Thank you for facing challenges head-on, no matter how daunting they may be.”

4. Contributing to company culture

You make everyone around you work harder, think smarter, and bring their best selves to the table. Our company would not be where it is today without your talents, attitude, and commitment. Thank YOU!

5. Exhibiting leadership

“I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen you keep your cool under pressure. You’re one of the team’s most valuable assets and truly lead by example. So lucky to have you!”

Appreciation Quotes for Teams

6. Achieving a goal

“This project required everyone to step up to the plate and deliver their absolute best work. Thank you all for putting in extra hours and focusing on our goals to bring this mammoth project to the finish line.”

7. Effective collaboration

“Our company’s success is a direct result of how well this team works together. As a group, your commitment to communication, accountability, and collaboration is unmatched — and I can’t wait to see how it continues to grow the business over time.”

8. Going above and beyond

“I wanted to take a moment to recognize every single person on this team for not only meeting expectations lately but exceeding them. I’ve seen people bring new ideas to the table, put in extra hours, and really push themselves to their limits. Thank you!”

9. Improved performance

“It’s no secret we had room for improvement this month. But over the last few weeks, I’ve seen this team band together around a common goal and attack it with tenacity. The difference in attitude and performance is incredible — thank you for your hard work.”

10. Remaining agile

“Staying competitive means rolling with the punches. Despite having to change course this quarter, our team kept its eyes on the prize and focused on our business mission. It’s what sets this group apart and keeps us agile!”

Appreciation Quotes for Managers

11. Achieving a goal

“Your strategy, trust in our team, and encouragement were the secret recipe for meeting this goal. Despite challenges, you pushed us to think smarter, work harder, and pull out all the stops to reach this milestone. Thanks for leading us across the finish line!”

12. Providing mentorship

“You’ve been a critical part of my professional growth. Not only do you lead by example, but you take the time to provide meaningful feedback about my performance. Your mentorship is both appreciated and impactful.”

13. Picking up the slack

“Managers are busy, and yet you always make the extra effort to take on new projects or help team members who need assistance. You’re a great leader because you’re able to get your hands dirty and lift up those around you when they most need it. Thank you for giving 110%.”

14. Exhibiting leadership

“Sure, you’re a team lead, but you truly LEAD our team. We can always trust you to make the right decision, react to situations with empathy, and champion our individual wins to the group. You’re a rock star.”

15. Removing obstacles

“Simply put, you make my job easier. Whenever I have a problem, you listen to my perspective, offer advice, and help me navigate whatever challenge I’m dealing with by removing obstacles. Thanks for being in my corner!”

Why do these pieces of recognition have an impact? If you’ll notice, each follows one formula: they’re timely, specific, and show why an action mattered. Want more tips? See our checklist for employee recognition.

Looking for more ways to encourage employee recognition?

To make employee recognition a part of your company culture, check out Kazoo’s short demo to see how your whole group or company can give sincere, spontaneous, and supportive recognition on a regular basis.

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The difference between good managers and great ones can decide the fate of a business. In fact, teams that lack engaging leadership can experience lower productivity, higher turnover, and an overall disconnect from your company’s mission and values.

In Kazoo’s latest guide, we’ve identified 16 secrets that will arm you with the tools to build better managers and more engaged teams.

16 secrets for building better managers

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Designed to help you develop managers that can take your business to the next level, these 16 secrets offer actionable insights for identifying managers with leadership potential, connecting existing managers to their teams, and cultivating growth-oriented company cultures.

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About Kazoo
Kazoo amplifies company culture through its award-winning employee experience platform that delivers engagement, retention, performance management, and improved business metrics. As a dominant force in the HCM market with an industry-leading retention rate, Kazoo partners with more than 400 global organizations to build high-performance cultures and engaged workforces. Founded in 2013, Kazoo continues to revolutionize the employee experience with its platform based on the science of motivation, rewards, and recognition. To request a demo, visit info.kazoohr.com/demo-request.

If there’s one thing that can truly transform a company’s culture, productivity, and turnover rate, it’s good management.

And though most businesses want to believe their leadership teams are stacked with engaging managers, the numbers tell a different story. In fact, Gallup’s recent studies show that 50% of all employees cite poor management as a reason they leave their jobs.

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The good news?
You don’t have to re-hire your entire team to find managers that will take your company to next level. You simply have to develop them.

In our latest webinar, Kazoo and HCI have teamed up to identify four management myths that are holding businesses back — and we’re ready to share them with you and your team.

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So, if you’re ready to reimagine workplace leadership, join Kazoo and HCI for industry-backed stats and insights that will arm you with the tools to grow world-class managers and productive, engaged teams.

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16 Secrets for Building Better Managers Guide

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About Kazoo
Kazoo amplifies company culture through its award-winning employee experience platform that delivers engagement, retention, performance management, and improved business metrics. As a dominant force in the HCM market with an industry-leading retention rate, Kazoo partners with more than 400 global organizations to build high-performance cultures and engaged workforces. Founded in 2013, Kazoo continues to revolutionize the employee experience with its platform based on the science of motivation, rewards, and recognition. To request a demo, visit www.youearnedit.com/demo.