Amobee Uses Kazoo’s Point Pooling to Raise Money for Ukraine

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Maybe you’ve noticed the “point pooling” option in Kazoo’s reward catalog and wondered what that’s all about. Well — wait no longer! Today we’ve got a point pooling story that we’re just bursting at the seams with excitement over. But first: What’s point pooling?

Our team determined that the best way to quickly and easily raise funds was through Kazoo’s point pool tool. With point pooling, we can choose specific charities that are aligned with our organization.

Point pooling is a feature that allows employees to take the points they’ve received individually (by completing Incentives or getting recognition from others) and combine them with their peers’ points to get something extra awesome from the rewards catalog. It might look like a fun team outing, a fancy appliance for the office kitchen, or pitching in to give to a meaningful charity.

That’s what today’s story is all about. 

Meet Amobee

It took place at Amobee, a leading intelligent advertising platform that helps brands, agencies, and media companies drive customers’ growth by unifying audiences to optimize results across all TV, connected TV, digital media and social. They have a wall full of awards not just because they offer an excellent product, but because they’re an exceptional place to work, too. And we’ve seen lately just how special their culture really is. 

The war in Ukraine has left many of us wondering what we can do to help in the face of such catastrophic need. At Amobee, one employee decided to take that question to their work team. So they approached HR and asked what their organization could do to help.

Relief for Ukraine

The HR team knew that several of their employees had ties to Ukraine, and that their workforce cared deeply about the situation. They had to act fast, so they reached for their go-to tool — point pooling with Kazoo. In the past, it had allowed them to easily raise support for organizationally-aligned causes like Australian Wildfire Relief and the NAACP. A few clicks later, they were on their way.

Amobee’s employees responded. Within 24 hours, they had collected over $5,000. Now, Amobee’s contribution has exceeded tens of thousands of dollars.

What incredible collective power for good! Giving back is a workplace reward that outweighs all the trinkets and plaques in the world. We’re so proud of the generous employees at Amobee. They’ve shown us what’s possible with generous hearts, and the right tools in hand.

Kazoo: Employee rewards that give back

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