11 Affordable Team Award Ideas

11 Team Award Ideas - YouEarnedIt

What kind of team award ideas does your company have on tap?

Think about it: You might be recognizing individuals doing great work every day, but what about an entire team, department, or office that’s just pulled off the impossible? Does it feel like they’re getting little more than a quick shoutout at the occasional all-hands meeting sometimes?

When done right, team awards have been shown to increase trust and cooperation among co-workers, fostering collaboration, teamwork, and motivation in the long run.

Recently, we got inspired by a few Kazoo customers’ success stories and new research on team motivation. After a late night in the employee engagement lab, we emerged with 11 Affordable Recognition Awards for Teams!

11 Affordable Team Award Ideas from Kazoo

Download here!

Inside this download, you’ll find a few categories of affordable team award ideas, including:

  • Awards with personality: When recognizing a team’s success, pats on the back or low-value gift cards are fine, but why not put a little more pizzazz in your awards? The ideas here do that at next to no cost.
  • Awards that give back: A significant number of employees are motivated by more than money. Research has shown that charitable giving is more impactful than ever on employee engagement. These ideas allow your team awards to give back.
  • Awards as fun team trophies: Actual plaques or trophies are nice gestures, but often they’re quickly forgotten. These awards acknowledge team achievements with fun items or experiences that may inspire others to step up their game.

So if you think your team award ideas have been lacking to date, feel free to tap into these, and be sure to let us know how they work out.

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