2019 Highlights: A Year in Kazoo

At Kazoo, we’re driven by our passion to transform the world’s workplaces for the better – and here in our home offices, we practice what we preach. So in true Kazoo style, 2019 saw us celebrate huge changes and some truly wild achievements as we continued to make sure work is working better for you.

Here are the highlights we’re buzzing about as we close out the decade.

Brand launch: Making a name for ourselves

2018 brought two workplace performance rock stars together when YouEarnedIt, the Austin-based recognition and rewards company, acquired Chicago-based performance management platform HighGround.

In April 2019, this newly formed powerhouse launched a new name and brand identity: Kazoo.

“Our combined platform is a game-changer and so is our new brand: provocative, intriguing, and celebratory,” Kazoo CEO Paul Pellman said. “Kazoo is when employees are empowered to take ownership of their work, can see the bigger picture, and know how they fit within the collective success of the team and company.”

With our brand launch came a new, expanded leadership team: In addition to Paul joining the company as CEO, Kazoo welcomed CFO Jo Williams, CCO Tony Capasso, CTO Mike Couvillion, and CMO Casey Carey.

Meet the team here →

Thought leadership

With our new leadership in place, the Kazoo experts quickly established us as a thought leader and game-changer in the industry.

Logos of five media sites.

Here’s just a sampling of the headlines that made a splash this year:

  • Cheddar: The All-In-One Experience Platform
  • Digital Trends Live: Creating an Engaged and Goal-Driven Workplace
  • Fast Company: The Insidious Effects of Ageism in the Workplace
  • CNBC: Maine’s New Sick Leave Policy for Workers Sets a Precedent Other States May Follow

Global recognition

As Kazoo brought its passion for rewarding, purpose-filled workplaces to the fore, the world took notice. Here are a few of the awards and recognitions we earned in 2019, for both our product and workplace:

Five awards icons.

Workplace transformation

In our fast-paced, interconnected world, “Think globally, act locally” is truer than ever. As Kazoo empowered more than 700 workplaces worldwide, we leaned into our performance management tools to transform ourselves, too.

In 2019, Kazoo’s platform enabled the following for our employees:

  • 7,771 recognitions
  • 45,890 high fives
  • 2.86 million points donated to charitable causes
  • 2.69 million recognition points shared
  • 7,531 behavior bonuses earned
  • 1,144 goals created
  • 1,105 check-ins
  • 997 cross-departmental feedback requests

With a banner year behind us, we can’t wait for the decade ahead. And thank you — with you and Kazoo, work is truly working.