2017 Year in Review

2017 was a great year for Kazoo. We saw the industry shift to improving the employee experience. We saw thousands of employees get more impact, meaning, connection, and appreciation in their work.

We’re proud to of the growth we’ve experienced, and more importantly the value we delivered to so many people.

Growing User Base

Our award-winning software was used by over
120,000 end users in more than 380 companies
across 19 different countries.

Employee Engagement

Our platform delivers. 100% of Kazoo customers surveyed said our platform improved employee engagement at their company.

Powerful Recognition

Appreciation is a critical pillar of a a positive employee experience. Through our platform, over 2,225,000 pieces of recognition were sent. That’s 6,100 notes of appreciation and recognition everyday.

Time Savings

258,060 HR administrator hours saved from cumbersome and inconsistent recognition programs. With an average salary of $50,000, that’s a savings of over $6 million dollars!

Giving Back

Being able to give back to the community allows employees to feel impact, another critical component of a positive employee experience. Through our platform, our end-users supported over 400 charities through more than 26,000 charitable contributions. That’s a lot of impact!

Robust Rewards Engine

Earning points and redeeming them is a rewarding feeling. Our end-users redeemed points to get over 330,000 rewards. With over 90,000 physical products to choose from (with no mark up!), our end-users redeemed points for over 34,000 products. The most popular one? An Amazon gift card.

Our platform also allows for tailored and customer experiences as a reward, not just physical projects. With an infinite number of experiences available, end-users redeemed for 36,000 experiences. That’s a lot of experiences.

Meaningful Employee Rewards

Behavior Bonus

Customers use the Kazoo Behavior Bonus option to communicate and reward the actions that matter most to company performance or culture. Kazoo customers reported that it delivered over 50% growth in user participation in learning and development, wellness and other corporate programs.

Behavior Bonus options are limitless. 2017’s most interesting behavior bonus “Take a minute to look up at the sky” helped that company’s employees manage the stress that can come from a fast-paced work environment.

Industry Awards Won

Entrepreneur Magazine’s list of Best Company Cultures in 2017
Austin Business Journal’s 8th Best Place to Work – Medium Category – 2017, 2016
Stevie Awards for Great Employers – Silver Award Winner – Employee Engagement Solution Category – 2017
Stevie Awards for Women in Business – Silver Award Winner – Female Executive of the Year – Business Products –11 to 2,500 Employees – Computer Software
Stevie Awards for Women in Business – Bronze Award Winner – Company of the Year – Business Products – More Than 10 Employees
Best in Biz – Bronze Award Winner – Enterprise Product of the Year – HR Software Category

Industry Momentum

We mixed and mingled with over 27,000 attendees at industry events, and saw our name in over 160 press mentions, including:

Fueling our Work

We use our rewards to keep ourselves going. 980 bottles of Topo Chico and 21 kegs of cold brew coffee were redeemed by Kazoo employees through internal group rewards.

About Kazoo

Kazoo is the employee experience platform powered by the science of motivation and the mission of improving the lives of employees everywhere, one company at a time. Founded in 2013, Kazoo grows company culture and improves bottom-line performance metrics through its robust engagement platform that delivers recognition, rewards, incentives, and team insights. Named to Entrepreneur Magazine’s list of Best Company Cultures in 2017, the Austin-based SaaS company and its technology platform are built on the four pillars of employee experience: connection, meaning, impact, and appreciation. To request a demo, visit info.kazoohr.com/demo-request.