It’s the end of the year and that means many employees are preparing for their annual performance reviews. And once these reviews are done, oftentimes so is the entire conversation for another year. Annual reviews are just one of the increasingly cumbersome HR processes that employees and managers would rather just not do.

But there are ways to make interactions between managers and employees more energizing and productive. Here’s how:

1. Do away with annual performance reviews
Think about reviews as an ongoing endeavor rather than an annual event. If you give employees the opportunity to give feedback throughout the year using an intuitive platform, they’re much more likely to share honestly.

2. Implement agile goals
Setting goals is necessary but flexibility is key. It would be unrealistic to think that every person must set a New Year’s resolution and stick to that plan all year round. The workplace is no different – every employee works differently and needs an adept growth plan that can accommodate changing priorities and schedules.

3. Prioritize real-time recognition
You don’t wait to give credit to a family member or friend when it’s due, so why do it only occasionally with your employees? When you start acknowledging employees’ accomplishments when they happen, it’s more likely they’ll repeat that behavior.

4. Capture the voice of your employees
If you empower employees to give recognition to their peers, it facilitates a motivating and inspiring company culture. You’ll have a constant pulse on your company and know when you need to address employee issues.

5. Understand organizational health
Because you’re listening to your employees and engaging with them constantly, you’ll gain valuable insights into the overall health of your company. You’ll know people and groups that are happy, as well as any systemic issues that must be addressed.

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Do you have remote employees in other cities or countries? If so, how do you ensure they feel as connected and valued as your local employees kicking it back at HQ? Video conferencing and communication tools such as Slack help, but how do you reinforce and reward positive employee behaviors aligned with company core values?

Cultural cohesion and remote worker inclusion lead to a consistent customer experience, collaboration, shared company values, and performance improvements. But it’s challenging to institute.

In a virtual work environment, recognition and rewards play a key part in welcoming and engaging remote workers.

Download our guide, where we share 25 thoughtful ways to reward your remote employees so they feel like part of the company, even if on the other side of the globe. This list will ensure your remote workers:

  • Stay connected to their co-workers
  • Feel recognized and rewarded for their contributions
  • Align with company core values
  • Are involved in the day-to-day culture of your workorce