The high five is the All-American way of saying good job. Whether it is to congratulate, celebrate, or connect, receiving a high five just feels good. It is a simple gesture with a substantial impact. Think about a situation in which you excelled. Say it is a game you won in your softball league, or finally getting that promotion you have been working so hard for. Now picture that ideal scenario where your team or colleagues are there to support your accomplishments. From hugging to high fives, this type of recognition leaves a warm, gratifying feeling that makes you feel accepted.

But how do you bring the power of a real high five to the web? Our customers and prospects were asking for a little something extra for their employee recognition program. Similar to Facebook’s “Like” button, they wanted a quick way to validate someone and show additional peer-to-peer appreciation.

They asked, and we delivered.

Introducing the new High-5 feature. Instead of just taking the like button and implementing it into our platform, we wanted to take a look into the behaviors that drive us to like something. What is the intentionality behind it? People excessively like things all of the time because there is no real value or meaning that goes with it. All it takes is a simple click. This creates a mundane action that quickly gets buried beneath the constant activity on our social profiles.

What we have done is created a personalized feature that allows you to send a High-5 to any post that is displayed on the social recognition wall within the Kazoo platform. In order to add value to the gesture, every High-5 you send takes five points out of an employee’s point balance and gives it to the recognition recipient. The purpose of this is so the sender puts a little extra thought into their High-5. How’s that for employee appreciation?

Another great aspect of the feature is the camaraderie it brings. Because posts are public, anyone and everyone on your team can High-5 on activity within the social recognition wall. It’s like a double or triple affirmation that creates an even stronger impact, therefore resulting in higher employee engagement.

Here are some examples for when you could send a High-5:

  • You absolutely agree with Ben’s statement that Samantha is, “Indeed the best CEO he has ever worked for!”
  • You recognize how hard Kate has been working on her presentation and wanted to send over some extra encouragement.
  • Nathan sent over a warm welcome to the newest member of the team and you want to share the love.

Not only does every 5 boost your virtual High-5 karma, it also brings a smile to someone’s face. And remember, you can send yourself a celebratory slap, but that would just be clapping.

Check out our awesome feature in the video below.



Happy High-5’ing!

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