Sales leaders have lots of options when when it comes to researching the perfect sales incentive program. We recently summarized the experience of a Kazoo customer who uses our employee recognition and reward software as their primary incentive plan for over 300 employees. It’s a sample of many ways in which our customers integrate Kazoo¬†into their day-to-day employee reward initiatives. ¬†Take a look and let us know if we can answer questions for how Kazoo can help you reward and incentivize your sales people.

Couple of key benefits for sales organizations:

1) It works (see case study)

2) It’s easy, fun, flexible, scaleable

3) Recognize and reward in real time, any time, anywhere, anyhow

3) It’s easy to administer

4) It can help you save some bread (see case study)

Here’s the link: Coffee Is For Closers


Team Kazoo



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