No matter
where you work

Kazoo is where priorities become clear, achievements are celebrated,
and everyone has a voice.

Align and inspire employees wherever they are

When your employees are inspired and aligned, your company thrives. Check out our Employee Experience Manifesto for the four simple pillars at the heart of workplace success. Then, use the Kazoo Thrive Index to assess your employee experience, and learn how to get where you want to go.

The platform of choice for over 600 people-first companies

"We have a system that emulates the kind of relationship we want employees to have with our customers that's intimate and personal. We feel like we're encouraging that same relationship between our employees and our customers."
— Dean Carter, VP of Human Resources and Shared Services, Patagonia
"For managers who aren't used to coaching, Kazoo is a great reminder. It supports people in making the transition from the once a year to continuous feedback."
— Kent Frazier, VP Talent, LRW
"We have invested in Kazoo because they have a higher calling for helping organizations to value, reward, and develop their teams and employees."
— Tom Gardner, CEO, The Motley Fool
"By partnering with Kazoo, we can now see in real-time the great work our team is doing on a day-to-day basis."
— Cindy Clark, President and CEO, Emmaus Homes
"As we rapidly expand across the globe, Kazoo has given Trintech a platform for us to connect with colleagues and recognize each other’s outstanding contributions in real-time."
— Teresa Mackintosh, CEO, Trintech

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