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Kazoo helps you create a strong, connected culture that attracts and keeps the best and brightest.

Kazoo Employee Experience Platform

A complete solution to help create a connected, high-performing company culture.

  • Modernize outdated approaches to performance management, recognition, and employee surveys with a single solution that puts your priorities at its core
  • Embed ongoing conversations, feedback, and listening into key processes to create a people-first, growth-oriented culture
  • Unlock a richer view of alignment, performance, and engagement with a complete picture of your employee experience
Employee performance reviews. You dread 'em. They hate 'em.

It's time to modernize your approach to performance management.

Today, leading companies are moving to a modern, continuous performance management approach of integrated Goals & OKRs, Feedback, 1-on-1s, and Check-Ins.

  • Better alignment, greater accountability, and higher overall employee performance
  • Deeper, trust-based relationships between an employee and their manager and coworkers
  • An “always-on” feedback culture that reinforces ongoing growth and development

Employee recognition keeps your people engaged and connected.

Put Recognition & Rewards together and make them social — that's when the magic happens.

Social Recognition, Incentives, and Rewards strengthen company culture, create better alignment, and help employees feel more appreciated.

  • Employees feel more connected to their work, the company values, and their colleagues regardless of where they are located
  • Your entire workforce is more motivated with  a consistent, strategic recognition program that works for everyone
  • Company objectives, programs, core values, or important behaviors become front and center

Create a workplace where everyone can thrive

See how Kazoo keeps your hybrid workforce connected,
aligned, and growing and how we support a company culture
that fosters inclusion so everyone can achieve their best.

The future of work is here. Is your company ready?


The way we work has drastically changed and today’s employees want

— and deserve — a better employee experience.

Use these tools to create a workplace where everyone is inspired and aligned.

The platform of choice for over 600 people-first companies

“As we rapidly expand across the globe, Kazoo has given Trintech a platform for us to connect with colleagues and recognize each other’s outstanding contributions in real-time.”
— Teresa Mackintosh,  CEO,  Trintech
“For managers who aren't used to coaching, Kazoo is a great reminder. It supports people in making the transition from the once a year to continuous feedback.”
— Kent Frazier,  VP, Talent,  LRW
“By partnering with Kazoo, we can now see in real-time the great work our team is doing on a day-to-day basis.”
— Cindy Clark,  President and CEO,  Emmaus Homes
“We have invested in Kazoo because they have a higher calling for helping organizations to value, reward, and develop their teams and employees.”
— Tom Gardner,  CEO,  The Motley Fool

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