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Recognition & Rewards. Performance Management. Engagement Surveys.

A Recognition & Rewards
Program That Ignites

Wins – big, small, and everything in between – all get their time to shine with Kazoo's real-time employee Recognition & Rewards platform.

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Why It's Great

You want recognition that’s easy, enjoyable, visible to everyone in your organization, and tied to your core values? Done and done. (And wait til you see our Rewards engine!)

A Performance Management
Solution That Empowers

Once you experience how our continuous Performance Management software connects your company and motivates your team, you'll never look back.

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Why It Works

Empower your employees to chart the course of their own growth. Goals, feedback, and career development are as easy as a push of a button for consistent, collaborative, company-wide momentum.

Employee Surveys
That Engage

Giving your employees more of a voice around things that matter is easier than you think. What you get in return? Valuable feedback for your business.

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Why It Matters

Get a real-time grasp on what your employees want at work with our Surveys. When you improve your company’s overall employee experience, you build trust and transparency – and reap proven business benefits.

Ready to reenergize people and performance?

How Kazoo software can work for you

Kent Frazier Kent Frazier

"For managers who aren't used to coaching, Kazoo is a great reminder. It supports people in making the transition from the once a year to continuous feedback."

- Kent Frazier, VP Talent, LRW
Tom Gardner Tom Gardner

"We have invested in Kazoo because they have a higher calling for helping organizations to value, reward, and develop their teams and employees."

- Tom Gardner, CEO, The Motley Fool
Dean Carter Dean Carter

"We have a system that emulates the kind of relationship we want employees to have with our customers that's intimate and personal. We feel like we're encouraging that same relationship between our employees and our customers."

- Dean Carter, VP of Human Resources and Shared Services, Patagonia

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