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Kazoo helps you create a strong, connected culture that attracts and keeps the best and brightest.

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Keep employees engaged, motivated, and working at their top potential — all in one employee experience platform.

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Employees across the globe? No problem. Kazoo keeps everyone on the same page, anywhere and everywhere.

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Kazoo’s helped more than 600 companies unify culture, reduce turnover, and increase eNPS scores. And now it’s your turn.

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The platform of choice for over 600 people-first companies

“As we rapidly expand across the globe, Kazoo has given Trintech a platform for us to connect with colleagues and recognize each other’s outstanding contributions in real-time.”
— Teresa Mackintosh,  CEO,  Trintech
“For managers who aren't used to coaching, Kazoo is a great reminder. It supports people in making the transition from the once a year to continuous feedback.”
— Kent Frazier,  VP, Talent,  LRW
“By partnering with Kazoo, we can now see in real-time the great work our team is doing on a day-to-day basis.”
— Cindy Clark,  President and CEO,  Emmaus Homes
“We have invested in Kazoo because they have a higher calling for helping organizations to value, reward, and develop their teams and employees.”
— Tom Gardner,  CEO,  The Motley Fool

Kazoo Employee Experience Platform

Powerful solutions together in one platform to keep your workplace connected.

A complete solution for your company culture

continuous performance management

Today, leading companies are moving to a modern, continuous performance management approach of integrated Goals & OKRsFeedback1-on-1s, and Check-Ins.

Kazoo Recognition & Rewards

Social RecognitionIncentives, and Rewards strengthen company culture, create better alignment, and help employees feel more appreciated.

continuous performance management Kazoo Recognition & Rewards

Kazoo's philosophy of work

A stack of cards, the top one reading The Employee Experience Revolution

The Kazoo Employee Experience Manifesto explains why the employee experience is critical in the wake of a global pandemic.


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Assess your company’s employee experience. Our 21-question employee experience assessment guides you through the state of the employee experience at your company.


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Our interactive employee experience impact calculator identifies potential savings and profit in productivity, retention, absenteeism, and customer metrics.


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A stack of cards, the top one reading The Employee Experience Revolution

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